I can get the moto guzzi from one friend for $30 running, or a general with a minarelli engine for $50-80. The moto guzzi has a new clutch, carb, paint. It has speedo, headlight, but no pedals, brakelight, luggage rack, and the seat is ripped. The general has ugly original paint, some rust, no speedo, headlight, or brakelight, a dirty carb, a broken chain, a rip in seat, and no gas cap. the moto guzzi has rust in tank and no engine side cover. Both run. What is better?


Re: general

gimmejimmie /

Buy both of them, two running bikes for under 100 bucks ain't bad.

You can ride one while you work on the other.

Re: general

Ron Brown /

Guzzi guys are wierd. Get on and take offers. you may find you can cover the cost of both with some left over.


Re: general

definately buy them both. if you don't like one of them, throw it up in our buy sell forum, or on ebay. you will make your money back. I absoloutly love minarelli based mopeds by the way. so i would lean toward the general.


Buy them both

I've seen kids around here pay $100 for non-running mopeds.

If it runs halfway decent its worth $150 minimum.

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