throttle sticks - what's the problem?

My Puch Maxi throttle sticks and I am wondering if this is caused by the throttle, the throttle cable, or the carb. I've oiled the throttle cable and it is still sticking. Should I grease the throttle lever?

Re: throttle sticks - what's the problem?

Your cable could be getting hung up in the protective casing. If there are any kinks in the casing, or if the inside of the casing is rusty, that could cause the cable to hang up, which in turn would cause your throttle to stick. Also, check to make sure that your cable is routed properly. If it is too taut, it can even hang up when you turn the handlebars.

Re: throttle sticks - what's the problem?

needs wd40! all over the throttle cable/carb part.

Re: throttle sticks - what's the problem?

gimmyjimmy /

I once sprayed my cable with a lubricant and then 1 week passed before I got to ride it. When I went to start it the throttle was seized.

What had happened was the spray lube dissolved and diluted all the crud that built up inside the cable over the years, then this runny shit took a gravity ride down the cable into the carb body, drying in the weeks time and seizing the slide.

A healthy dose of carb cleaner fixed it.

Try what Larry and kyle suggested first, then if it's still sticky, take the 2 screws off the top of the carb and remove the slide and choke.

Twist the grip and see if the slide moves freely, if it does, your cable and grip are ok, if not , it's in the carb and slide assembly.

A healthy dose of carb cleaner will fix it.

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