metra 65 wierdness

So after i saw the metrakit 65 discontinued post, i ran and found one at, and damnit if i didnt order it and it at my door 2 days later. Shit dude, thats fast.

Now, mopedshop doesent make these so this is where thier role ends.

This one is really wierd, got a ton of flashing from the casting left on, looks remarkably different then the other one i have. Hope its all good.

I know what people are saying now in regards to thier quality being kinda jumpy.

Re: metra 65 wierdness

If its that bad maybe you could get it exchanged.

Re: metra 65 wierdness

i think its prob fine. Looks like just wierd cosmetic quality control. Just comparing it to the other one i have is different

Re: metra 65 wierdness

I think it's shaky Andrew. Better sell it to me.

Re: metra 65 wierdness

The last batch I got 3 of them and they all had that flashing on them . They still worked great thou . Hey Andrew I sent front and rear nuts to you to make sure because I forgot if you wanted front or rear

Re: metra 65 wierdness

thanks man.

The alternative was to have them custom made.

Just 40 cents a nut.

minimun order of 400 tho LOL

A way to make money for someone, but im not investing in nuts LOL

Re: metra 65 wierdness

Ya its wierd its like they didnt bother to dremel the flashing out of the fins. Oh well.

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