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Does the thought ever cross your head when you've won an ebay auction, that there was only 1 other bidder... and that if that little asshat gagged on some milk or had sudden rampant diarrhea, you might have gotten that part for $5 instead of the $78.50 he ramped it up to?

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Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

I bid on a nice Tomos once on eBay only to have it snatched out from under me by someone with more expendable income. I grumble about it on the forums and he comes into the thread and brags about it, the jerk. I felt bad about it...that is until I learned about Tomos A3 engines have a tendency to shear the magneto woodruff key. I should almost thank him for helping me dodge that Bullet.

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yo read your post, we have delt with this

gimme a call, i emailed you

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shit wrong post

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I've got a funny story. Last year this guy started buying pretty much ANYTHING VeloSolex, parts bikes, complete bikes, parts. He usually bid high, and other bidders had a hard time outbidding him. So automatically prices went way up. He must have been loaded and really wanted a warehouse of VeloSolex stuff. Anyway, he eventually quit bidding (ran out of room maybe) and for the next month or two prices fell thought the floor! We're talking like bikes ending at $50 with no bids. Its like everyone else had just quit looking or didn't even bother bidding anymore. Just goes to show how one person can influence the prices on both ends of the spectrum.

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I hear you I just had a single bidder make me pay 145 extra for a 120 leo vince pipe for a PA50. Wished he let it be when he had to continually bid to try to beat me. I now have a pipe that cost me more then the bike did. Seeing that there's not much else out there I think it's still not such a bad buy.

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I used to do this little trci where i would contact the other bidders, and we would talk about who was willing to pay more, and sorta agree no to bid.. This was usually involving bids on Rare Music CD's. So most of the time the deal involved sending the other person a copy of the CD.

This gave me the idea to just ask winning bidders for copys of the CD's they won. Worked Great. I think I did this a tleas 10 times, and NEVER got denied. EWveryone was like "Sure" I would just paypal em a few$ and they would send it. Usually, they wouldnt even want the money. We usually had the same interests, and we were cool with each other.

But alas, Ebay has smartened up. they now hide the bidders name, and make it so you cannot contact them. Sucks Huh?

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