Be Careful This Weekend

Be Careful all the time of course.

But be especially careful this weekend and holiday.

Too many posts lately about accidents, injury and fatality.

This is a really bad weekend with the Forth being Tommorow and everyone having the next day off.. People drink differently when they dont have to work the next day...and people driving after the Forth may have been outside in the sun all day and Booze effects people dif when they are drinking in the hot sun. Lots of people on the road driving under the influence this weekend, be careful.

Lastly, this be careful also applies to us. Drunken driving isnt always the guy in the suburban with the Cell phone, sometimes its us on the mopeds. It is tempting to think somtimes that we dont cause as much danger to others if we are on a ped, but hitting a pedestrian at 30 can be a life changing event...

Just be aware, be careful, and be safe.

Re: Be Careful This Weekend

I'm allergic to alcohol so the latter is easy for me! As for the former, definitely will be extra careful...

Re: Be Careful This Weekend

i'm hella scared of a stray bottle rocket hitting me in the face tomorrow when I'm riding. or worse yet, some dick shooting a roman candle at me for laffs. for real.

Re: Be Careful This Weekend

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

full face and a big chain will protect you, quatto

Re: Be Careful This Weekend

Re: Be Careful This Weekend

deezy, you're the greatest.

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