Gettysburg ride

About 50mi of park and back roads crossing in to Maryland, maybe camping and kegs too. I still need to pick a date, so Rob, Drew, Brandon let me know when is good time for everyone. I'll post up a few pics for the route soon.

Gettysburg ride

Jerry Franek /

Rob's ride was 56 miles and very warm. I'm going to try to get the wife to make the Gettysburg tour. Sounds like an ideal photo op and pleasant ride. Like riding a horse around in 1863. What do we have--about 1 hp?

Re: Gettysburg ride

i would be up for it. if you schedule it for a couple of weeks from now i would be able to request off. hey jerry we need to get together and ride sometime. I just got my maxi up and running. I am going to clean out the fuel system one more good time, then i am running it for the summer.

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