Getting hit by cars is a drag, i have been three times now and am lucky as hell. i have a titanium tibia, two screws, slight back problems, and chronic road rage, sustained from these accidents. two of these jerks will be paying higher insurance payments.

When your riding a tiny moped you have to be extra careful. I try to assume that no one ever sees me, and will totally run me down if i am on an intersecting path. i grew up in new jersey where left hand turns on roads more than 25mph are illegal. sure enought in savannah GA were i live now i get whacked by some doosh blowing a yield, making a left. the other night i got REAR ENDED @ A STOP LIGHT!?! by some nut w/ 2 cell phones and a crying baby. i called the cops, said " idon't need an ambulance just get someone down here to give this dumass bitch a ticket."

there isn't much you can do other than riding safe and making yourself very visible. on your matte black bike w/ one 6 volt led, at night with all black clothes and a novelty nazi helmut. among other things, i have a bunch of leds on my helmet, brighter taillight. i'm just too cool to rock a saftey vest. and i ride almost 24 hours a day. i ride a tgb 101s a lot it has a model t ooga horn on it and a set of fog lights on the handle bars. my puch only gets rid during the day lately. it's fucked up.

there should be a forum called MOPED SAFETY, but no one would post anything. safety is some shit that i hate to worry about. i'm mostly concerned with: going fast as hell, riding a ped to work everyday,and getting it there with the same number of nuts and bolts as when i left, girls on mopeds, beer, deathmetal, you know, not worrying that some piece of shit with a cell phone and a suv who is going to murder us and KEEP ON DRIVING LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. your a bug on their fucking windshield. mopeds rule/cars, for assholes.

always sue those guys, they need to be sued, insurance companies are designed for this, if they have car insurance you get some $, depending mostly on the severity of your injuries. in an accident w/ 2 cars you would get a property damage assesment, but courts think mopeds are stupid, most of the time. there are shitloads of dumass lawyers eager to go take these dicks money and give it to you. i've heard of people, injured by jerks, let it go because sueing people is't very gangsta or punk rock. If you don't sue them your screwing up the natural order of things.


or be squished.



Okay, I'll start with some of my favorite advice that everyone might not know already:

If you are riding at night (listening to death metal on your way to pick up beer), and a car is approaching from behind you, your shadow in its headlights is a kind of primitive RADAR.

If your shadow shortens and turns to the right, the car has pulled out to the left to overtake you.

If your shadow stays right in front of you and gets shorter and shorter, dive off your bike into the woods.

Well, okay, don't actually do that, but do remember to pull as far to the right as possible because a foreshortened shadow can mean that the approaching car isn't swinging around you.

Overtaking car accidents are the least likely, but the most scary, so learn to watch headlight shadows and know when to pull over.


thats neato, one little tip i got for people is never ride close behind people when the oncoming lane could be making a left turn through your lane of traffic. i got hit by some jerk at an intersection, he faied to yeild. also i ride towards the middle of the road usually. people pull out like dicks a lot around here.


i have a titanium tibia, and a femur!

Death metal bones are sweet.



i feel through a floor once after the fact, landed right on the titainium right beloww the old break. it swelled up like a cheeseburger, lots of bruising, no titainium and i might have broke it again right there.


yeah, they didnt explain to you that if you break the bone again it means amputation!

its very unlikely we can break our titanium legs unless in the event of a bad motorcycle/moped accident, i heard of one guy with our same operation who lost his leg because of a second accident.



i was told mine could be removed, more $ another aperation...but i get hit by cars weekly, precautionary?


Mopeds are the most dangerous thing ever invented. There is no such thing as moped safety, just good luck and bad luck. Virtually everybody who has ever road a moped has been in an accident, some several times. I am currently building a custom Tomos. I decided to call it "Death Wish", because that is exactly what it is. I'm having the logos made for the tank. Live to ride, ride to die. Peace, Jerry.


Good post, everyone should post their safety tips, esp. those who are lucky enough to have never been in an accident!

Since I'm new to mopeds, I still don't venture off side streets or the bike lane (where there is one). I otherwise stay far far to the right and as soon as there is a side street route available again, I take it.

The second day I rode my moped, some dickwad in his SUV pulled out from a side street right in front of me like I wasn't even there. I just don't get the logic, it's not like I have a stop sign.

Anyway, that drove the point home right away that unless I was alone on the road, I'm going to have to be extra vigilant, and assume that everyone in a car, esp. SUV, is a completely and total fucking idiot. (because most are)

Be careful out there!!

BTW, does anyone where protective gear for their hands/wrists? I'm a drummer, and I'd really be upset about fucking up my hands. I have these wrist guards I was considering wearing from rollerblading. Would that be too ridiculous?


Great rant! too true! everybody watch your ass out there and wear a real helmet.


just get some of those badass motorcycle mits, you could beat up the street if it had glass on it.

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