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weak sauce.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

I was polite in my first post. I thought that perhaps another poster had been a little bit too mean. Please forgive me Jim, I thought that you were being too harsh, but that was not the case.

Eschuk, the consensus among the moped-riding (!) people on this site seems to be that you are being a bit sh!tty by riding on a bike path.

Strangely enough, I think you'll find that most cops used some kind of sixth, bull-headed cop sense to come to exactly the same conclusion. That's rare in this line of madness.

So, before I sign off, I have to repeat that the people you are in danger of angering most, and the intended users of the trail, all ride vehicles very similar to yours that they have to propel all by themselves.

They're almost as fast as you, and much fitter than you. Try to be nice to them.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

hey i read your post, we have dealt with this, i shot you an email, call me

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

its just pure rude

why do it?

just think of the small children and babies who ride the path, and the parents who hate you for doing it. Also, pets! I know many pets, including my own, go crazy, i mean shit crazy, when my moped starts or even rides near him.

Laws are made for people who are too stupid to just use there own mind and morals. Just use some common sense, and let the bikers and walkers do there thing.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Gooch Warmer /

Wow, the guy asked what would you do..not hang me by the nuts, smack me on the ass, and call me Sally. Jeeze...

Considering the way the roads are layed out here (the only way to work is a highway or the bikepath) would contest the ruling and get it in writing from an official (Possibly even the DMV). But if you add .75 of a mile to your trip I would just take the high road and go the extra distance.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

o come on i don't even ride a bike on a bike path with walkers because i ride to fast but seriously pipe and port then take your highway

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Hey dickhead,

You were the one that posted the damn thread asking what others would do. No ones agreeing with you so you're getting all shitty, telling us that you ARE the law. Then go tell your buddies on the force to ignore you - that the MOTOR on your moped doesn't make it a MOTORized vehicle. It's assholes like you that can give mopedders a bad name. I forget though, you're in Jersey. Probably rockin' a Tomos. C-ya.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

hahaha ride a moped on a seattle bike path and you will never be seen again.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

haha, i rode on a bike bath 2+ years ago on a scooter in Seattle. I didn't know how stern the rules were.

This biker came up to me YELLING "NO! NO NO NO! NOT OKAY! GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE". and cut me off with his bike and screamed at me haha. I was like "wow, sorry man, i didn't know".

good point iant

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

in jersey, its legal

but not advise..all you do is get hassled

we got impounded about 2 years ago for shortcutting through a park at night over a bike was not marked "no motorized vehicles"

now we stay offa them

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Remove the signs .. If it's saying no motor veh. You can't ride...

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

I like mopeds on the bike path!

it fun, especially at nite, through the woods, very very FASSSTTT!

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

This "gray zone" is interesting for two reasons in CA a class one bike lane (you know , the bicycle/pedistrian two-lane path),

What if run out of gas? Can you really hang me for disengaging the belt drive and essentilly pedal a 100lb bicycle? And what if I become overheated, can I not take off the helmet? If I run out of gas, this is my best route home (although I make a consciencous effort to NOT run out of gas). If there is no engine running, how differeent am I than a fully loaded touring bicycle? I may set myself up with lawyers & the local cops to let them know what I'm up to, take the citation and make the courts decide. Sometimes, push comes to shove so that the damn bureacrates have to take a stand.

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