Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

So I got "pulled over" this morning by a park ranger, who was pissy with me riding on a Bike Path through a park on my commute to work

I've been doing this happily for nearly a month now. It's a great alternative to the 40mph road with no shoulder, and I'm more than courteous to the joggers, bikers and walkers, (I even see the same two old ladies every morning and wave hi)

I tried finding any New Jersey Laws that limit Moped use to the Streets, and instead, I found that the NJ Commissioner is charged with defining where to ride.

So, I checked out the commissioners opinion... In the New Jersey Moped Manual break>

On page 25, it reads as follows:

Take bike routes: Bikeways are marked with the standard green and white bike route symbol signs. There are three kinds of bikeways:


Bike Paths. A trail off the roadway surface completely separated from vehicular traffic.

Bike Lanes. Street, roadway or shoulder treatment for separate auto and bicycle travel lanes designated by pavement markings, signs or barriers.

Bike Routes. Roads with bike route signs only. There is no

other provision for segregation of traffic.

MOPEDs are permitted on bike lanes and bike routes, with or without the motor engaged. Check local ordinances and appropriate signs. Since bikeways are used by slow-moving bicycles and often by pedestrians, MOPED operators should take a protective and cautious approach to these users.


Now then... There ARE SIGNS... Two of them (one each way) between this quarter mile mile stretch. The sign shows a standard Bike Path sign and under it says "No Motorized Vehicles." I checked with the Township... There are no ordinances having to do with Mopeds (except for some select underage penalties involving graffiti.)

That's my only Iffy Spot. I wasn't "pulled over" here, instead about a mile away from it.

The bike path weaves in and out with a main road, So My argument is that this sign is meant for Motorcycles.

What would you do? Keep riding it, Whip out the moped laws and tell him he's wrong? Or take the alternate route which adds another .75 miles?

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

women are inferior /

ive had problems myself with the popo because they didnt know the law. Ive been on a bikepath near a park and a enviromental copper pulled me over, im not sure those laws apply to parks. you shouldnt have a prob if you keep teh ped quiet and its not smoking or anything like that

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

nah, a moped is a motorized vehicle. thats probably why they didnt say "motorcycle."

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

lucky you... here in northern indiana we have a greenway. it's an old railroad route that's being converted into a bike route that goes from town to town, super fun to ride but they explicitly ban any motor vehicles. They'll bust you for an electric go-ped.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

well its the size of a road and the signs start at the intersection of roadways, so i definitely think its meant to keep off cars

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Leave the bike trails to the bikes and pedestrians. Save your exhaust to the roads where you won't be choking passer-byers with your 2-stroke.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

...no i'll definitely exercise my right to use the unmarked paths this is for certain.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Let us know where to send the bail money and the money to get your moped out of the tow yard.

It is well understood that mopeds can ride in designated bike lanes on the highway or even those roads that have been closed to cars, BUT NOT ON PURPOSE BUILT BIKE PATHS

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Aside from what silverfox already mentioned, if the signs say "No Motorized Vehicles" as you said, then STAY OFF OF THEM with your moped. Despite the pedals, a moped -IS- a motorized vehicle. That's what the "Mo" in moped means..."Motor". That's that thing making all that noise down there on the frame! It's a MOTOR! The signs are posted...there is no "gray area" here what so ever for you to feel that your rights have been infringed upon. You were in the wrong.

I'm sorry that you seem to feel this is some kind of game but a moped is a motorized vehicle...period. It's not a toy, it's not some sort of custom bicycle, it is a motorized vehicle. If you are really that ignorant then the park ranger had every right to get "pissy" with you and you're damned lucky he didn't haul you in.

Those bike paths were not put there for your own personal convenience. If you can't respect that as well as the rights of others and since you apparently feel incapable of safely riding your moped on proper roads, perhaps you should just park the thing for the safety of everyone (including yourself).

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Silverfox, Jersey law states they CAN be used on the Seperately Built Paths.

It's in my opinion now that i will not go in the quarter-mile-stretch that does say No Motor Vehicles, but by law I am entitled to the rest of the path.

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Wow, okay Jim didn't need to come at you so harshly, but everyone is pretty much correct about the law - no mopeds on bike paths.

You do have some rights that other posters didn't mention, though.

In your quotation from the law books, you copied out that mopeds "...are permitted on bike lanes and bike routes, with or without the motor engaged." This specifically excludes paths, and the motorized vehicle prohibition takes that one step further.

Still, this does mean that you are allowed to ride in the segregated, on-street bike lane. Do you know where any of those are?

That might be the best way for you to get around - you can just ride all the way to the left in the on-street bike lane, and have a comfortable bail-out zone.

Alas, cars that are specifically prohibited from driving in the bike lane do so anyway, and no one really tickets them. That type of unfairness makes it seem like you should be able to play fast and loose with the bike path laws, but you better be kitted and fast because there are some really strong, angry cyclists out there.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

P.S. - props to the poster who said that un-marked paths are still fair game - I love those!

In Massachusetts (and other places, I suppose) there are fire roads into forests that pose a wildfire risk. A moped can generally handle a fire road - it'll be bumpy, but it's not actually off-roading.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Mr Walczak, There's really no need to be condescending, I simply asked the forum what they would do... I prefaced the entire argument with what the Law is and if you read what I posted, you'd see that Bike Paths WERE put there for my convenience, and granting that I'm courteous to the Pedestrians and other bicyclists that I am entitled to use them and was in the dark about whether or not the "Motorized Vehicle" area pertains to only cars and motorcycles.

...To attempt to demean me and insinuate that "i think this is some kind of game" is in itself childish, and it's sad that I have to tell a 42-year-old man to grow up.

So, for the sake of everyone around you (including yourself,) please grow up.

(Moreover, I called the office and spoke with the head of that station, he said that area is free to use with a Moped. It is put there to dissuade Cars from turning onto it, as it looks like a normal road

He also asked me what the name of the ranger was, I told him I needn't be specific, just to reiterate to his staff the difference between Mopeds, Motorcycles and Scooters.)

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

General Jackson /

I suggest you stay off it except late at night.

then I also suggest you tow skateboarders behind you with a ski rope.

not that i've done this.

not that it's totally freakin sweet.

I definitely don't suggest you use a longboard so that you can handle speeds up to 25, which is "theoretically" about how fast you can pull three people on longboards with a stock murray

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

According to your quote, you can ride in bike LANES, (areas on regular roads that have been set aside for bikes), or bike ROUTES, (just regular roads with signs that say "bike route"). But NOT bike PATHS (trails built only for bikes and pedestrians)

Furthermore, the road you were riding on, according to you, had signs that said "No motorized vehicles", which you ignored.

The cops may have been "pissy", but they were also right, and you were wrong. The bike paths were put there for your convenience, but only while you're walking or riding a bicycle.

Even if it WERE legal for you to do this, it's still extremely rude and dangerous. Think about it. You were complaining that the roads were unsafe for you to drive on because of traffic that was moving too fast (40 mph for you)

So your solution is to get on a bike path and go barreling down it a 25 - 30 mph, when most bikers ride at about 10 - 15 mph.

SO your solution to other people endangering you by driving too quickly, was to endanger others by doing the same. The old "shit rolls downhill"

Just knock it off, you give the rest of us a bad name with your sense of entitlement and reckless habits.


Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

If you bothered to read anything I posted, I called That Parks Office and they say Mopeds are entitled to the entire length, regardless of the signs. You also should note that I do not "barrel down" these, as I am courteous to the others and I share it equally. This does not equate to going 30mph past a pedestrian, I slow down signifigantly, and I haven't gotten a bad look yet

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

i got pulled over for something like this,

the plain and simple fact is, sure the path may be fun or fast or enjoyable to ride, but its wrong and most likely illegal, not to mention rude for those, especially with young children or pets who use the path. If you do it, be ready for the consequences.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

knowing your rights won't keep your ride out of the impound. Just let it go. If you bring out the rulebook, they're more likely to change the law to ban mopeds than they are to apologize and send you on your merry way.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

this is getting tiring:

it is legal here. get over it. quit posting. kthnx.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Go the extra .75 miles, riding through a park is weak sauce.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

ah. yes of course

weak sauce. that changes everything. how come i couldn't see the light.

weak sauce.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Ok, I'll be more direct. Legal or not, I think it's f-ing ignorant to ride a motorized vehicle that can get up to 40MPH through a park where children, joggers and pets are obstacles. Ride is a street bike lane all you want but stay the f out of the parks.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

can't you just pedal down the bike path, or would that be too much like work?

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Bikes Max Speed is 25mph. It's relatively straight with about a half a mile visibility, I dont need to worry about obstacles.

RJ: One Pedal, Stripped Crank Arm, Workin on Getting a New Left One.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

you think people posting about it is getting tiring? Just wait till that park cop stops you a second time. Most cops think themselves superior to civvies, and hate to be corrected. I'm just warning you that even if you're not disobeying the law, that cop is gonna be madder than hell if he catches you disregarding his "authority".

Unless you have a lawyer riding with you, he's gonna try to make your life a living hell, most likely by confiscating your bike until they can "sort out" what the law says.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

It appears like you're looking for validation here, and not finding it. Are you seeing a pattern?

In your first post you say that there are bike paths, bike lanes and bike routes, and that MOPEDs are permitted on bike lanes and bike routes, with or without the motor engaged. It doesn't mention Bike Paths.

I would bet if you took a survey of all users of the Bike Path as to whether they want a motorized bicycle riding on it, you'd find a similarly high negative reaction, especially when there are signs saying No Motorized Vehicles.

You can't have it both ways - wanting to be treated like a motorist on the street with all of those rights, and then take the selfish approach that these other posted regulations "don't apply to me".

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's obvious you're not finding much sympathy here.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

It's a park ranger, I spoke to the supervisor, have his name and number all that happy crap, plus I work for the Sheriff's Department, I'm not some punk kid trying to be righteous, I work with the police day-in-day-out

I don't know where you live but it must be a sad place where you get punished for obeying the law. Move soon.

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

It appears like you’re looking for validation here, and not finding it

It appears you cannot read, so I'll say it again

I found out it's completely legal, the head of the office said so. I'm not seeking validation. I said that several hours ago.


Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

Personal opinion: Bicycle paths should be left to bicycles and pedestrians. Bringing a faster motor vehicle on the paths increases the possibility of injury. Keep it to the streets!

Re: Riding Mopeds on Bicycle Paths

" _...plus I work for the Sheriff

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