3rd gear

SOmetime my mopoed will go 3mph faster then it usualy does and feels very smoother. It a Arrow with technigas. It is currently having prolblems but it did this before too.

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Re: 3rd gear

check to see if you have any leaks, like around the exhaust, or the carb, if theres no leak then idk what to tell you

Re: 3rd gear

my moped always runs aorund 35 but soemtimes it will go to 38-39 aboout one every 10 rides or so and its alot smoother

Re: 3rd gear

Depends on the weather, temperature, and humidity.


why is this called 3rd gear?

Re: 3rd gear

check if your plug wire is on tight .

maybe the ignition has a weak ground .

dirt in the fuel line or filter or carb. could do that also .


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