too many dying

there are 2 many moped riders (and everyone) dying as of late, just saying U all need to be careful, it's not anybodies fault, just be careful.


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too many dying

While the reason for having to make a thread like this are just terrible, I sincerely want to thank you for the video attached to your post. The mellow tones of Marvin Gaye brightened my day.

Re: too many dying

yeah the mopeds are bad. In chicago there has been 6 cyclist killed already this summer that is usually the total for the whole year....

Re: too many dying

thanks, this put a smile on my face my man..

RIP Tozer+Jay

Re: too many dying

Defensive driving people!

Re: too many dying

I know. Every time I hear news like this, it's like being slapped in the face.

Just last Saturday, I was about to head out on the country roads for a ride, but the route I always take was blocked off by police. I found out later that that morning, a police officer had been struck by a car and killed while he was riding his bicycle on that road. That really hit home ... damn, that could have been me. That's the same road I always take, the day of the week I usually take it, at the time I'm usually out riding on it. I'm not much different from a bicycle as far as a car is concerned. Damn. Just damn.

It could be me, it could be you, it could be any of us. Please let's all be careful, both in our cars and on our mopeds. Be courteous to other drivers even when they don't deserve it. Don't take risks. Be as safe as possible. Ride as though you're invisible. This is NOT to say that anyone involved in any accident recently has not followed those ideas. I'm just throwing those out there as selfish pleas to the rest of you to PLEASE BE CAREFUL. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

I'm sure there must be warehouses full of NOS Puch Magnums and 80mph Tomoses and gorgeous sexy French bikes and discontinued performance parts in heaven, but let's do everything we can to stay here with our slow janky mopeds for a little longer, okay?

Re: too many dying

I haven't actually watched the Youtube vid but I wanted to add my own $.02 worth here anyways...

As a moped rider for over 25 years on and off -and- a motorcycle rider, Linda's comments about "riding as it you were invisible" are right on the money. Generally speaking, people in cars do NOT watch out for 2 wheeled vehicles, big or small. Hell...some of them don't even watch out for other cars! Further, in this day and age of cell phones the problem is that much more exacerbated. People who use cell phones while driving often don't look out for -anything-.

The good thing about riding mopeds (beyond practical issues such as economy) is that they are "fun". The bad thing about riding mopeds is that they are "fun". It's really easy to get "lost in the moment" while your out on a ride, especially if your on a particularly scenic route or something. I often take Rt 6 here in Ohio to my volunteer work...a very pretty route right long the Lake Erie coast and on a nice sunny morning, it's really easy to let one's mind wander. defensively! -Always- be looking for "a way out" and ride as though folks are out to kill you. Whether it's intentional or not, many of them are.

Be safe my friends!


Re: too many dying

People driving cars need to pay the fuc k attention, to the god damn roads, wtf, Dont use your cellphone IN YOUR GOD DAMN FUCKING CAR it makes you drive BAD to put thing simply, idk about other states but you can get pulled over for using your cell phone in NJ which is a law that i love, although i would like more people to get pulled over because i see people doing it all the time and not getting pulled over, maby there should be a thing where you can copy down a license plate and then report it later, idk and if you drive drunk your are fucking retarded END OF STORY you should be thrown in jail for a minimum of a month i mean its getting ridiculous

Re: too many dying

I regularly see dip-shits typing text messages while going 70+ on the interstate while I'm driving to or from work. It seems that more and more of society are turning into oblivious assholes.

Re: too many dying


Re: too many dying

Maybe im wrong, but i think i heard on the news that in california it is now illegal to drive while talking on your phone. They were talking about how everybody is just going to text then.. which i think is worse. Cagers

Re: too many dying

cell phones _should_ be outlawed in cars

Multitasking is not something to be done behind the wheel of a 2000lb gasoline powered hunk of steel.

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