cimatti city bike

Hey, new guy here, first post.

A neighbor gave me a Cimatti city bike.

Not sure if it's mine to keep or if he just wanted me to get it running.

Got it running, sort of.

The front rim is rusted through, but all else is as it should be.

I'm an extra large middle aged white guy, Approx.250 lbs.

Will this thing run with me on it?

Is it possible to find another wheel for the front?

Any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

ps. I have chainsaw gas in it now. Is that OK?

pps. I grinned like a monkey the whole time I was on this thing.

Re: cimatti city bike

I'm 205 and I have hit 35-40 MPH on mine.

What gas/oil mix is the chainsaw gas? I run 50:1

Re: cimatti city bike

You have to understand that it will haul you around but it will have trouble on steep hills.

The manual for the Minarelli V1 engine says to use a 32:1 mix, but with modern oils a 40:1 is OK and if you are using synthetic oil a 50:1 mix is normally used.

Re: cimatti city bike

nice... i got a cimatti as well and i love it, still getting my barrings with it but i love it!

have fun with it... you should have no problem riding it, my buddy who is 6'4'' 265lbs can ride mine no problem

Re: cimatti city bike

I picked one up recently and I do not believe i will be restoring it. I have parts for anyone who is interested. I am Taking the electrical controls and the spedo/headlight. The motor is not locked up, but the carb is missing a gasket. The tank is rusted beyond belief.

Re: cimatti city bike

Re: cimatti city bike

Ed - where did you find that, and can I have anything else you have on that engine? :D

Re: cimatti city bike

Jester, where are you?

Would you be willing to sell the wheels?

My tank isn't rusted but it is FULL of sludge.

Re: cimatti city bike

Do you have the cimatti seat? How much?

Re: cimatti city bike

Just bumping this back up.

Jester, are you there?

Anyone have any input on the cimatti?

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