Pics of my new 'ped :D

Here's that City Bike I have been posting about :)

I figured I'd post those up here before I started any work on it so that I have a reference point to go back to when I am done :)

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

looks awesome. i wish all mopeds had that layout. business all in the back.

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

Actually, for me that tank kinda sucks. The fill cap is UNDER the seat, which doesn't move. Gas goes everywhere if I try to fill it at a pump. I have to use a fuel can :P I was actually planning on replacing it with a peanut tank from an old Harley Sportster. Just one of many planned mods :P

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

Sweet, I got one of those today, not nearly so clean.

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

Wait... these are the _before_ pictures?

That's a nice bike! Hey, before you replace the tank entirely, why not try moving the gas filler cap? While looking at your pictures, I thought the same thing about how the seat would really get in the way during a fill-up.

It could be east to do if you can find a big rubber plug that has a sort of hourglass shape to it. Then, you could carefully cut a hole in the rear part of your tank that's just a bit smaller than the plug, and use that as your fill point.

If you did it neatly, and epoxied on the original gas cap, you'd get the side benefit of frustrating those random people who fuck with motorcycle gas tanks.

Just a thought. Have fun!

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

Heh - thanks for the tip man - but I am going to be performing major surgery on this bike this winter. There is a frame stretch involving oxy-acetylene, a new springer front end, a different seat position and seat, and a few frame mods in store for this 'ped before the flat black and red pinstripes go on. I can fabricate my own parts if I need to - I have access to a shop with a welder (and I know how to use it too :P) so hopefully I won't end up looking like one of those guys that just slapped a tank on a 'ped - I want it to look like it belongs there :)

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

Moped Game Sally Struthers /

welcome to the worst possible location for a gas cap ever. eVar.

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

Gotta love the welded? pedal.

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

Yeah lol - not sure why, but someone definitely welded that shit. I am going to be replacing the pedals and cranks too.

Re: Pics of my new 'ped :D

Cleats Onionpockets /

Very cute

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