a55 uni carb upgrade kit help.

I got my filter kit today installed the jets. When I was going to put the new atomizer in I noticed that I couldnt get it out. Is there some special way to get the stock atomizer out of the carb? do I need any special tools?

Im running it right now with just the jets and filter.

Re: a55 uni carb upgrade kit help.

When you take out the piston slide from the carb you are looking at the end of the atomizer. The metering rod or needle came out of it when you took out the piston slide. Take off the float bowl and take off the main jet. Under the main jet is where the atomizer comes out. Use a punch or allen wrench and tap the atomizer out from the piston slide side. It's a light press fit and taps out easily.

Re: a55 uni carb upgrade kit help.

do I just put it in or is there any way that it has to be?

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