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I got the Puch 1.5hp Newport two weeks ago, it was running great and it would start on the first pedal. Now it wont idle and it will only start if you kick it over while giving it full throttle. Once running, the bike will kill itself if you let it down to idle, adjusting the idle screw has done nothing to change that. Giving it full throttle also kills the bike. The bike is running a 12/12 bing, it came with a 60 jet in it and stock rectangular airbox. Bike was running great before, then i went out this morning to start it and it’s been running really bad, the feeling like the choke were fully engaged (but it’s not). What I’ve tried to do to fix it is,

Cleaned the carb inside and out with carb cleaning, changed the jet down to a 58 because 60 seemed way large for the stock airbox and a 12bing, still running really badly. Any suggestions?

Re: puch newport help..

same problem. size 62 jet, high flow filter. It runs way better at night because the air is cooler. I'll probly use 62 for winter and 58 for summer.

Re: puch newport help..

Toss the Bing. Peace. Jerry.

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