DiBlasi, Good Bad? Any thoughts?


I just ran into these, does anyone know anything about them? They look kinda neat since you can fold them and everything. A little expensive for my taste though.

Re: DiBlasi, Good Bad? Any thoughts?

looks sweet but not my taste

Re: DiBlasi, Good Bad? Any thoughts?

you want a folding ped? buy mine!


Re: DiBlasi, Good Bad? Any thoughts?

I saw something a while ago about a company people could call when they were drunk. The hired driver would come out on a foldable ped, throw it in the drunkies car, drive the drunkie home and zoom off on the foldable ped. seems like a good Idea to me

Re: DiBlasi, Good Bad? Any thoughts?

I work for ScooterGuy, the largest Designated Driver Service in St. Louis MO. There are quite a number of similar operations not just in the US, but Canada, and Europe; many using the DiBlasi.

There is one, ScooterMan- in the UK, they have a modified & re-engineered Honda Mini-50 clone that you can break down into 4 main pieces in about 5-10 minutes, and then put in the client's car. The bikes are also for sale.

They used aviation-grade fittings, and have made it possible to break down a 150 pound bike into manageable chunks!

As for the reliability of the DiBlasi, these bkes I maintain have been "rode hard & put away wet" way too many times! The biggest issue is compression, a nice thing to have when all you have is kick-starting!

Their design is quite rugged, and their engine is an in-house design as they were unhappy with the performance of the Moto Franco Morini engines they first used.

Simple to maintain and repair- and don't knock that strange 2-wheel transmission. It works, and with practice you can change a broken belt in less than an hour.

The big thing is to lock-tight all the bolts, and replace the rear lights with LEDs.


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