carb cleaning

What the best way to clean a carb for a person without much resources?

I don't have access to air pressure

Do i just use general carb cleaner?

Can i use that then blow real hard?

Re: carb cleaning

a can of compressed air works good in a bind. or if the bike is still running get the spray sea foam, or lucas upper cylendar lubricant. sea foam goes into the air intake. tha lucas you add to your gas.

Re: carb cleaning

thanks do the later two work as well as taking and about and etc

Re: carb cleaning

i take my carb out to clean it

Re: carb cleaning

If you're going to clean your carb, you need to take it apart. You shouldn't need anything more than couple wrenches or screwdrivers to get it apart and put it back together. To clean it, you can buy carb cleaner from an auto parts store, hardware store, or a lot of times, even Walmart will have it. It's only a couple bucks for a can. You should also get a can of compressed air, like the kind you use to clean dust out of your computer.

If you want any kind of instructions, read Fred's Guide. Also, as a general note, it is advisable that you wear eye protection while using carb cleaner. Carbs have a lot of small holes that shoot liquid out at odd angles. You'll squirt the cleaner in one hole, and it'll shoot back out another hole and nail you in the eye. That shit stings, trust me. So yeah, if you're going to use carb cleaner, put on some safety glasses or something.

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