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Hi, I am new to this site, anyways i have a go-ped motorscooter and am rebuilding a mini-bike. I might get a moped and my friend will sell me a Moto guzzi moped with no pedals, a new carb and clutch and paint job for $30 rinning! I think they are made by Robin. I don't know if parts are available for this moped or where i could get them? Is it worth it?


Re: moto guzzi

Ron Brown /

Buy it!

I am not sure about parts, but you could ask the question on

This is the Moto Guzzi owner's club site.

I also think you may be able to get a good price for it on this site although the new paint will knock it down some.


Re: moto guzzi

$30 for a running moped is a great price. really you can't lose. i've paid that much just for a few small parts for my motobecane and you can get a whole moped for it. as for parts, check the moped army recommend shops article at "" for parts. they should all have parts avail for a moto guzzi.


-moped army-

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