RUnning like crap

Ok so my moped has been running like crap lately anyone have ideas, maybe has to do with the jets?

-Start ups in morning have to wait 5 minutes before running, if i give it gas it dies

-Runs stronger with the clutch on

-very "blippy" withouth choke and slow

-Weak idle when riding if i let off gas, sometimes engine breaking i think

Re: RUnning like crap

check for air leaks, nd if thereare none you need to upjet majorly

Re: RUnning like crap

yeah i thought it may be jets i have a technigas exhaust and drilled airbox forget what jets in right now, also it takes way longer then it sohuld to get to speed the first 5mph are very slow and weak

Re: RUnning like crap

Carbon buildup around the exhaust port?? Have you changed anything?

Re: RUnning like crap

I had a jet in the but the shop changed it saying it was wrong

Also i left it in the rain for a day a week ago coudl this do anything

How to i check for carbon and airleaks

Re: RUnning like crap


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