Colorado Puch titling/registering

I have a Puch that I bought non-working from a kid like 15 years ago, it has been in my Dad's back yard. no title or bill of sale. I want to get the tag for it and I have the form.

They say they need a title, or a manufacturer's statement of origin, or a Affivavit of ownership, or a notorized bill of sale.

I could get a bill of sale from my dad (He could just "sell" me it), but the notary might be a hangup, if they ask for a title.

Has anyone ever titled one of these things? Am I going to regret fixing this thing up, only to have it be permanently illegal?

Will I at least be able to register it and ride it?


Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

Give your dad $1, fill our the bill of sale and take it to the department of revenue on West Colfax. It'll cost you $6 or less and it'll be legal for 3 years. Simple as that. Call me at 720.339.8773 if you need advice.

Enjoy your new moped addiction.

Stoops - Spokesmen, Denver

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

He'll have to do it in boulder.. But yeah, you don't need a title.

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

I think you can find the paperwork online. So fill out the registration stuff, bring that "bill of sale" and you're set

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

find form number DR2579, fill it out, write an affidavit (I fubarman own this moped vin # blah blah, signed under penalty of perjury -fubarman-) then send it and a $5.25 to the colorado department of revenue, the address is on the form. took about 10 days to get my sticker back

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

i still register my bikes in colorado and i just have my mom bring in a fake bill of sale and they give her the sticker.

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

Wait a minute. Its under 50cc right? It has a left mirror? A brake light? A horn?

If you answered yes to all the above, then its street legal.

Why are you registering it? No plate needed in CO. Is it over 50cc? Did puch ever make a ped over 50cc?

You dont need to do anything man, just ride. Who cares about a title?

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

Bad things happen when you dont register your ped... Police wont take theft reports, bikes impounded, fines. It's not fun. Why the hell would you want that over paying a measly $5.25

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

Willie almost lost his ped to impound because he didn't have a license sticker. But we're in Denver, where cops are trying to find something on you. Oh he got a $150 ticket to boot.

License your bikes, or never complain about what happens on this forum.

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

My Account of How I Successfully Titled and Registered a Titleless Moped.

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

So what do you get when you register your ped? A licence plate? Or is it like a sticker.

Re: Colorado Puch titling/registering

You get a sticker and right to claim it when it gets stolen.

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