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Hi. Recently I paid too much for what was sold as a mint condition Malaguti moped but when time came to pick it up it was surely less than mint. It was not running but desperately I paid a local moped shop to get it running. Nothing else. It did come out running.Running horribly for what I paid for this repair. I think they just re-jetted from a 48 to a 50. To start it, I have to press the choke in and when attempting a pleasurable ride, it bogs down at full throttle or accelerates very slowly reaching a max of 23 mph. After a few minutes ride it stalls. I've tried removing the air box only causing it to stall earlier than I usually does. Mind you, the choke does release when I give it full throttle. I mean, I shouldn't have to start it with the choke in, right?The bike only has 900 or so miles on it.I would love to try to fix this myself since I have too much money into this to take it somewhere.I would appreciate any help. Also any other neccesary info would help. gas/oil ratio, crankcase oil type.....Thanks

Is this a two speed??????? I believe I have the american version of the 78 commuter which was a two speed but I'm not sure.

Re: 78 Malaguti Commuter Help

does your commuter have a minarelli, morini, or sachs engine? i think the malaguti had a minarelli engine, right?

if it does, we can surely help. go though "fred's guide" in the resources section of this site, it'll help you in troubleshooting.

how does the engine sound when it runs? what kind of noise? does it smoke? how quickly does it start? what is your oil-to-gas ratio?

using the choke to start a moped isn't rare, especially for one that's been sitting for a long time.

have you cleaned the carburetor thoroughly? that always helps. how is the exhaust? it might need to be cleaned.

the top speed might be the top speed for that bike. my friend has a columbia commuter w/ a sachs engine that is pretty slow as well. there are ways to upgrade. again, if you have a minarelli engine, post again and we can surely get that puppy fast in no time.

Re: 78 Malaguti Commuter Help

Hi. Thanks for your interest in helping me with this thing. The engine is actually a Moroni MO1. I've read in a book to use a 20:1 mix for this bike but I'm using my puch's mix of 50:1. I have made some headway today after I de-rusted the gas tank so that should clear up any stalling problems. While I was doing this I went through the carb and cleaned it out clean as a whistle. Its starts very easily but mind you, the choke must be in for it to start. It only takes a 1/4 turn of the crank to get it started and it runs real smooth-its just slow as heck. It takes about a whole block to get up to 20 mph. I have never ridden a moped with that poor of acceleration. There was smoke coming out of the exhaust but it cleared up after I cleaned the gas tank. I can't imagine needing to decarb any thing on this bike with it only having less than 1000 miles on it.

right.....so where do i go from here

Re: 78 Malaguti Commuter Help

chuck russo va /

well if u want it to accel a lil faster, remove your head gasket, and then get a sheet of 220 grit sand paper and go in a figure 8 patter on the sand paper, do it for a few min like 2 or 3

then get a 12 x 12 inch window pane, (under 5 bucks at any hardware store) and then put some valve grinding compound on the window pane, and then go in the figure 8 pattern on the window pane, this will make the head very smooth and perfectly flat and true,

then bolt the head back on the bike when your done cleaning it

tighten the head bolts down in a X pattern do a lil bit on each nut so its eavenly tightened

then go ride your ped, it should accel a lil bit faster than stock and shouldent bog as much either....

also u can de-restrict your air box and then put a performance pipe on it, but make sure u re-jet

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