best crash?

saw the skidstop post..

last fall i was on my first moped ever, after a few months of riding it/spending money on it, in the fan (historical residential area in the city)... a 16 year old girl who isn't used to driving in the city, with presumably her first car (she's rich), turns left onto the road i'm on (i'm going straight at 20ish mph, she's turning into me to go the opposite direction)

i had a moment or two of "uh oh" and then flipped onto her hood; the fork and front wheel were crushed, the bars were twisted, and the girl was hysterical... somehow i only got bruised, and when the cop came, a crowd of people who saw it were there - he saw her in hysterics, crying so much she was unable to talk, and saw me standing sore, and immediately thought i hit her... thankfully everyone else reported otherwise, and i got insurance money for my bike

dumbest crash

General Jackson /

well i have the dumbest crash. I was on the phone with my girlfriend (phone in right hand) so i could brake with left, and started going to slow so i reached across to accelerate with my left hand on the throttle. needless to say it pulled me directly into the curb on the right and i fell over.

nothing bad happened, not a bruise or scratch on the ped, and she never even knew. i kept on with the "uh huh" "you don't say"

stupidist thing i've doneon a ped.

wait, second stupidist, first gets a new thread

Re: dumbest crash

11:30, 2 nights ago, I was going full speed around a turn, after it had rained. Slid off the road. Managed to miss the my neighbors mailbox. I almost pissed myself tho. I love my maxi.

Re: dumbest crash

i got up onto the sidewalk like 2weeks ago on my newport and smacked into a wooden sign...neither me or the bike are hurt thankfully i just got knocked off goin like 5mph

Re: dumbest crash

god damn, I hope I move out before my mom figures out how to work moped army.

saddest crash

me turning left.

3 way intersection... 2 way street. 1 lane each direction.

while making that left, some scraper decides to pass me up at the intersection. why? i have no clue. knocks me down, im in shock ... jump back up to my feet look up at the car as he drives away. hit and runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

he left me to die. broken 5th metacarpal. surgery. metal plates. got my stitches off today, therapy starts tomorrow.


Re: saddest crash

***Kim Jong illest*** /

i caught mine on video. enjoy

Re: saddest crash

dude that sucks

Re: saddest crash

General Jackson /

railroad tracks are the bane of two wheeled existence

Re: saddest crash

Cleats Onionpockets /

Dumbest near crash, I replaced the rear tube because the previous one has suffered a puncture. Only I didn't realize that the bit of metal that had punctured it was still jammed into the tire. Not far enough to pop it right away, mind you, it wasn't until I went round a corner nice and hard and had my rear wheel go all flobbery and slip off to the side that I realized what had happened.

Re: saddest crash

I was slowing down approaching an intersection...but the right lane was under construction so it was merging into the left lane....I was so busy looking for approaching cars as I was merging I didn't see the car in front of me stop for the light. So at about 10MPH I crash into the back on the car with enough force to buck me off the bike. I didn't get hurt (just freaked out) and the driver actually got out of the car to ask if I was ok...and they weren't just doing it to get my fact they didn't ask....was embarrassing though.

Kuro Neko Neko

Re: best crash?

I didn't crash yet but recently on my friends Targa I was riding it to school and there was this light turn that I've ridden on hundreds of times before with no problem but that morning for some reason I just couldn't make myself lean at all.I was afraid I'd crash or something so I slowed down to like 15 and jumped into the grass and back onto the road.No damage.

Re: best crash?

Frostback Ditch /

I was driving the moped in February after the car broke down. I was going left through a busy 4 way intersection into our downtown stripmall without realizing that there was a shitload of gravel left over from the salting for our previous snowfall. Leaned a little too far going about 15 and slid right out with about 10 or so people watching. I quickly jumped up and looked around just to see a few people laughing, including a cop. Kinda embarasing, but all was well.

Re: best crash?

well i rode to school every day my 8th grade year one day in the parking lot my bike just slid out from right under me so i was skidding on black ice i thought wtf and grabbed the handlebars yanking the bike back up while still skidding on the ice and kept going.

Re: best crash?

u wanna know what i learned that time if u r missing 3 spokes make sure the rest r tight :P

Re: best crash?

Today actually I was riding along a 40mph at like 25, so im over near the shoulder and as im passing two Verizon Trucks on the right of me, I see a hand reach out between the two of them and drop a cone right in my way,

Ran Right over it then it got caught in my rear wheel which made me slip and slide and I ended up throwing it into the passing traffic.

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