1980 indian battery

I just bought a 1980 indian moped the lights barely work . I want to add a battery? does anyone know the size I need or a place to get one.

Also has anyone re-foamed there seat and is it hard to do.

thanks ahead of time

Re: 1980 indian battery

its supposed to have a battery in it

its a little tiny 6 volt battery i dont know what the number is though

Re: 1980 indian battery

you just need a 6v motorcycle battery. you can order them online if you don't have a store around you that has one, but they come dry and you'll need to go get battery acid...which any auto store will have.

what are the lights doing? are they weak or do they sometimes not work, or do they flicker? they should be fine and bright without the battery.

Re: 1980 indian battery

They are weak. I can barely see the turn signals

Re: 1980 indian battery

Did you ever find the part number for the battery? I ordered a six volt for mine, but it is too big and it won't fit. I need to know the exact battery type, i.e. 6N2-2A, 6N6-3B etc.

Re: 1980 indian battery

I found a picture of the battery for the moped. The part number is 6N2-2A

Re: 1980 indian battery

Hey jason i'm doing an indian seat right now. I'll post some pics. It looks pretty straight forward.

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