OT Snowboarding

yo guys this is for all my fellow snowboarder (maybe skiers if your not asian and your cool) Ive been boarding for 13 years and have owned 1 helmet and that was for like 2 years.

If you board what helmet do you use. (not a full face from your moped)

Also what boards do you have? i just bought a fleetwood ride, its orgasmic to ride

Re: OT Snowboarding

Tha FishSticks /

ive ridden the east and west coasts, and loved every minute of it. but unfortunately i dont live were i can do it regularly.

Re: OT Snowboarding

i have a bern baker helmet

it has i removable knitt liner

it also works well as a moped helmet

i am rocking the k2 select (149cm)

not enough in the nose for my liking

OT Snowboarding

I have a Forum Star it's the bee's knees! Buut i'm thinking it's time for an upgrade, but pending I go pro, I doubt I'll have the cash to do that any time soon. I have a Bern helmet that I never wear. I guess i can wakeboard in it too... that's cool cuz I don't wakeboard :/

I'm moving to Cholera-do this summer so hopefully I'll finally get to see real mountains. Not just, you know, Allegan Co. Michigan.

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I have a gyro encore and a bright neon green red (the burton brand) helmet, not sure the model. The Red is super light and really quite comfortable.

I work at Rei, and have sold numerous helmets to skiers and snowboarders, and I recommend trying on as many as possible. Like a bike/motorcycle helmet, they all fit differently, as everyone has a different shaped head.

Re: OT Snowboarding

Tyler Jacobson /

skate banana

Re: OT Snowboarding

snowboarding is for all the cool kids, skiing is for everyone else. thats why i ski.

Re: OT Snowboarding

yea bullshit stereotypes..

i skied for 5 years ive snowboarded for 14 i dont care either way

Re: OT Snowboarding

up at the slopes they call me "the scorpion"...

(imagine high-speed faceplants, with board coming up from behind to hit me in the back of the head.)

Re: OT Snowboarding

no helmet

but i ride the rome headroom... that board is so f*ckin flexible

and i have 390 binding

im in love with my setup

i just need some new boots and gear

Re: OT Snowboarding

i dont use a helmet but i really should (i hit my head a few times early in the days, ruined my whole night) but i have a morrow clutch 154. i got it for like 150 from www.the-house.com they have really good stuff for cheap

Re: OT Snowboarding

helmetsareforpussies! /

k2 darkstar.. THE SHIT!

Re: OT Snowboarding

danm thats sick my board was 350 marked down from 550

at sundance sports

only because it was on clearance same with my bindings and they even game my a full oakley suit just because the guythere was kick ass !!!

i miss the winter

Re: OT Snowboarding

<3 riding

finally attained the covetted 360

snowboard stolen the following day :(

no money to buy a new one

RIP Ride Havoc 156

Re: OT Snowboarding

I only rock the bucket in contests, it's RED something.

My favorite boards right now are the Unity Pride, Burton Dom Slick, and Burton custom X.

Always Burton bindings and outerwear.

I get at least 40 days a year; I've had over 1500 days in my life; been riding for 23 years(-1 for a broken ankle), 10 years sponsored, 5 years pro-am.

My favorite resort in the US is hands down Jackson Hole, in CO it'd be Copper Mtn or Bertoud Pass (for back country), in the Midwest Tyrol Basin forever.

I currently ride the most at Sunlight Mountain as it's only a 15 drive from my house.

Snowboarding made me who I am...

Re: OT Snowboarding

) Cupermcnewbster ( /


I love my burton t6 and malolo for powder. So sick.

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