or channel is always empty :( join me i am pretty much always there and then i don't have to half asleep dig through the topics to find a discussion

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zeke, give us instructions

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A beginner’s guide to IRC - IRC For Dummies

IRC is a valuable tool for most people that play NukeZone; unfortunately it is under used by beginners due to the so called complexity of setting it up. This is a beginner’s guide to some of the more basic aspects of IRC. Most people on IRC are willing to help so never be afraid to ask for help.

What is IRC?

Using an IRC client (program) you can exchange text messages interactively with other people all over the world. Some of the more popular chat clients are mIRC, Pirch, and Virc for Windows and Homer or Ircle for Mac's. What program you use doesn't really matter; all of them connect to the same chat networks. When logged into a chat session, you "converse" by typing messages that are instantly sent to other chat participants.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a very popular service mainly used for chatting on the Internet. All you need is an IRC client and use this client to connect to an IRC Server. There are several clients available. The most popular for Windows is mIRC and we recommend you start with that client.

Download mIRC from and install it. Now you have to connect to a server. The official NukeZone channel is located on QuakeNet, a game related IRC network. Start mIRC and use the scrollbar under "IRC Network" to find "QuakeNet: Random server" (Description: Random server, IRC server:, Ports: 6667-6669, Group: Quakenet)

Supply your personal information and click on the "Connect to Server" button.

For more information about the QuakeNet network, visit

Auth'ing your Account - Creating your account

Auth means to be authorised / authenticated, which simply means the account is verified as yours. You need to be authorised In order to join certain channels (#NukeZone for example) as well as being able to get auto voice or auto op (+av, +ao) when you join various channels, voice and op are also called flags which simply means what powers you've got in a channel. An Op (operator) have the abilities to Ban, Kick, Change topic, change channel modes (look it up on quakenet.opg for more info) and a few more things, voice is a capability of freenode that allows users to have "status" within an IRC room. This status can be granted for arbitrary reasons by the room operator, but is generally awarded to users who have demonstrated some expertise on the topic on which the room is founded.

You "auth" by writing /msg Q Hello email email, in the Status window, which is the 1st window that opens when you start the IRC client. Example: /msg Q Hello

When you’ve written that in the status window, a maroon text will appear, and you’ll receive an e-mail to the address you wrote.

Open it and follow the instructions.

You’ll get a code aka command, to write in IRC to get "authorised". It’ll look like this:

/msg AUTH your nickname your password

You have to write this text every time you start IRC to get authorised. A way around this is to Auto Perform the task by typing a command into:

Tools > Options > Perform (Tick - Enable Perform on Connect and paste your auth-code in the commandbox below - click Ok)

Everytime you login any commands placed in your auto perform list will run automatically.

The list can contain /j #nukezone for example which will allow you to join the channel specified.

Update: /AUTH command (new)

All QuakeNet servers now support an easy to remember AUTH command. This command can be used instead of the old method to authenticate to our main network service, Q. For example:

/MSG auth [username] [password]

can now be:

/AUTH [username] [password]

This update also reduces confusion in remembering what you have to authenticate to and increases security.

Now as you're connected and authorised you're ready to get started for real!

then /j #mopedarmy

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yes i just copied that also u can go to some web sites that host it and run it in a window there like u need an account to do this though wow i just realized u need an account it is free but it is a hassle ok i will go back to working on mopeds

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So this is for Gaming right?

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most channels r for gaming. in fact the reason y i am even on it, real time with a good team well good enuf to win means 24/7 activity and u gotta talk to people in your team so irc is the preferred way to do it .then again i got my brother to set it up he is tech savvy ish

if none of this makes sense it is cause its late and i have gotten no sleep

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Well, ive never seen any game that is better than Dr.Mario. And Ive never had to set up an IRC for it.

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irc is gay. just use mopedarmy chat.

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let's exchange ICQ numbers

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