magnum forks are fuxxored!

so when i hit bumps, corner, or just go fast my handlebars do a little gyroscopic motion and i feel like im gonna fall. it wobbles and is squirrely.. i did take the forks off to paint. one thign that i didnt learn to do until i replaced daniels forks is to keep the bottom triple tree nuts loose then tighten the top 30mm bolts. do you think maybe the fork tubes arent the same length and my wheel is cambered off? another thing is i put motor oil inthe forks 5w30. now i have proper fork oil and i plan on putting it on do you guys think that might be it too?

Re: magnum forks are fuxxored!

Did you put the same amount of oil in both sides, and make sure you have no leaks?

When it was apart, did you check that both springs were the same?

Re: magnum forks are fuxxored!

i didnt really take the springs out. think the 5w30 leaked out. i have 20 weight oil hopefull that wont leak. yes there were the same amounts in both. they never leaked before so im assuming the seals dont have any problems with them. one ofthe biggest thigns is if you tighten the lower triple tree without tightening the tube nuts on top it might not line up. but has anyone really had experience with this. tomorrow is our meeting and i cant ride around town like this

Re: magnum forks are fuxxored!


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