KindaOT: Cafe Bars?

Look, you look so cool on mopeds, why do you have to be uncomfortably priced? You're just expensive enough to make me think "is it really worth it?"

And then everybody thinks you're hot shit, not just me. If you're the hot fad, I feel like I'm just following a crowd. Next thing I know, I'll be seeing everybody and their momma's moped with cafe bars. Is that really what I want?

I guess what I'm saying is, what have you done for me lately, cafe bars?

Or are you just the town bicycle's handlebars? (reference to cafe bars being a slut is totally what I'm going for)

Re: KindaOT: Cafe Bars?

my clubmans were 12 bucks...

Re: KindaOT: Cafe Bars?

i didnt pay too muchfor them a few years ago back at 1977mopeds. the are bad fro your back and wrists. other than hat they rock!

Re: KindaOT: Cafe Bars?

mine were 22 shipped. really not expensive.

Re: KindaOT: Cafe Bars?

not running them already messed up my back as is and i like the not sticking out look as slow as i go stock ones but once i hit 45 maybe then i will switch

Re: KindaOT: Cafe Bars?

General Jackson /

They are sexy but do they really love you?

they burn a hole in your wallet and leave you sore after a late night on the town

whatever happened to your first love?

the stock bars that were tried and true and let you pop a wheelie with ease

there you were with your back straight, commanding the road

seeing the world with a higher state of mind (literally)

not stooped over like a submissive boyfriend

I'll squeeze the girl I know loves me before I give it up for the girl everyone else likes to hold

Re: KindaOT: Cafe Bars?

uhmm i didnt get it but reading the comments...

You can make cafe bars for like 5 bucks with pvc or some steel/iron/copper whatever the hell you have

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