Matt Tozer update

Hi all, this is Matt's dad on his computer. I have something bittersweet for you all. Matt took a video of himself riding with his friend Ray (ray ray) and I posted it on YouTube. Here is the link.

Once again, my family and I would like to thank you all for your words of support and encouragement as well as those of you that gave a gift or ordered a t-shirt. He loved this site and as you know, was on here quite often...trying to get answers on how to improve his moped or even helping anyone he could when he had an answer. If the link didn't work the way I copied it here, maybe one of you could make it work or write me and tell me how to do it. You can write me directly at . Thanks again and be careful out there! I know you all are, like my son was, but you can't prepare for everything...just be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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Mr Tozer...

Thank you so much for sharing that.....

Matt was such a great kid... and he surely was a true mopeder to the core!

You must be so proud of him...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...

I hope Ray is doing ok and getting some help dealing with his loss... I haven't seen him on here in awhile...

Warmest regards,


Re: Matt Tozer update

Thanks for the video.

Re: Matt Tozer update

It's not creepy, grow up. Thanks Mr. Tozer. We appreciate it. Full face helmets, wits about us and riding groups.

Good night.

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OK, but try to be polite to his family. BTW, bad things happen to really good people, so we support those good people's families. Don't watch the video then, I thought it was fun, that's what he liked doing, so it was a nice epilogue for us.

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It's nice to be able to see them enjoying themselves, a better memory than the tragedy. He seemed to enjoy being out riding on a nice day.

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I think this a very appropiate place to post it. I'm 51. Nothing is more devastating for an adult than to see their child pass away before them.

Thoughts & Prayers,


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Raymond Wright IV /

i found videos!

this is the same video as above but my perspective.

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i liked rayray and tony freestyle rapping better HAHa!

yeah that right be embarrassed....

nice vids of you and tozer tho, you guys have weird speedo's what year are your peds?

Re: Matt Tozer update

nice aviators ray ray! looks like Tozer had a pretty fast bike.

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this video is so heartbreaking for me. i really hope the best for tozer's family.

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Raymond Wright IV /

hey SABAT!

our tomos's are '07's.

matt made a custom bracket for his,

and gave me his speedo housing shortly afterwards.

in that video, that is my stock speedo housing.

Re: Matt Tozer update

Raymond Wright IV /

ohh yeah thats Jon!

yeah matt had a top speed of 50mph.

but he only hit it once.

Re: Matt Tozer update

Raymond Wright IV /


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