Thanks Cuttters!!!!

I held your and it was awesome!

Thanks for the great rally, Portland is perfect place to moped

and I hope to do it again soon.

Special thanks to Miguel, Rich and Zach for the loaners and helmets, Dawn and I really appreciated it; Miguel I'll email you about getting you another tail light lens (I lost yours at the strip clubs Saturday night).

If any of you make it to CO be sure to hit up me or the other Spokesmen for anything you might need.

Hope to see all of you again soon,


Re: Thanks Cuttters!!!!

Mr. Richard Dickrich /

Anytime. Glad you could make it. Sweet Spokesman shirt BTW.

Re: Thanks Cuttters!!!!

☠️💀Kim Jong illest💀☠️ /

WTF? how did i miss a spokesman? when did yall go to the strip club? i was totally jonesin for some steak and strippers!

Re: Thanks Cuttters!!!!

It was helluv nice meeting you kids. Sad you didn't make it out to the session on Saturday, Sean Squid was fucking KILLING it. Canada Cutter will be in Denver in three weeks or so, she'll be stoked to kick it with you kids.


Re: Thanks Cuttters!!!!

Thanks Rich, we're all pretty happy with our logo...

Josh, the first time we meet was in the parking lot right before know; and then again after you and Orphan (who's name I sadly forget) went past the bridge and were back tracking and found me broke down/out of gas, and a third time at adventure land...

Zach- that place looks fun, we tried to find it while we were out but had no luck; we ended up hitting Burnside, Pier Park and Glen Haven, finishing off the day on a private 3' mini. I'm still bruised from Pier park.

Much thanks to the "forgotten orphan" who was kind enough to give the last of his gas from the peanut butter jar, without you I would have been screwed, thanks again

Re: Thanks Cuttters!!!!

☠️💀Kim Jong illest💀☠️ /

LOL after i you know...FELL DOWN! LOL! oh man im sorry dude. i met so many people it gets confusing. im glad i got a chance to meet you man!

Re: Thanks Cuttters!!!!

Yes. Thanks for coming. I'm still sore.

Re: Thanks Cuttters!!!!

Sorry about that Eric, next time I'll be more gentle;)

I should have also say a big thanks to you, Hayden and P-town for making us all feel so welcome and at home and for providing a great meeting place. Portland's lucky to have a spot like that with people like you to keep it cool.

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