broke my MB5 chain...

im clueless on chains. never had to replace one before. are there generic ones i can buy to length or do i need to get a specific one from honda? i could repair the chain but i'd rather just get a whole new one. if i need a honda one are there different ones that i could cross-reference from a different bike? i have a feeling if i go in and ask for ANYTHING MB5-related theyre gonna look at me like im crazy. my local honda dealer hadnt even heard of the MB5 (but a crazy old man in car certainly had, and was really excited to see one of them on the road!)

anyway, sorry if this is a stupid question. learning as i go.


Re: broke my MB5 chain...

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I would go with a Honda MB5 replacement chain, just to be sure it fits break>


Re: broke my MB5 chain...

They come in standard sizes, it's probably a 415 or 420. I'd bring the old one into a motorcycle shop, one that sells dirt bikes will probably have what you need. Don't bother telling them what it's from, it'll just confuse them. That's what I did when I needed a new chain for my Batavus.

Re: broke my MB5 chain...

cool, thanks guys.

Re: broke my MB5 chain...

It's a 420!

Droppin' the clutch again, Nash?

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