Starting my Batavus moped. PLEASE HELP

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Hi everybody. I just bought a Batavus Bronco moped, from 1974. I'm a complete ignoramus when it comes to engines (or anything mechanical) and I'm having a hard time starting it. I don't think there's anything wrong with it... I just don't know what I'm doing. I can peddle it along just fine, but how do I get the motor going? If anybody has any suggestions, please email me!

Thanks in advance!


Re: Starting my Batavus moped. PLEASE HELP

Be more specific so that someone can better help you. What have you tried (besides pedalling) to get the moped running? I don't know Batavus, but I'm sure many people on this forum do. Repost w/ more specific information.

First of all, though, be sure you've tried the actual starting proceedures for your Batavus. My Bianchi has a fuel valve that has to be turned to "on" or "open" (you must also). There should also be a clutch that needs to be held AND a kill switch that should be switched to "on" or "run" while you pedal the moped. Give it some throttle while you do that. If you have spark and good/decent compression, the engine should turn over (you'll hear it). Finally, be sure your fuel (gas/oil) mix is right.

I hope someone here can help this chap out ...

Re: Starting my Batavus moped. PLEASE HELP

Try putting a new spark plug in the engine. You will be amazed how easily a 2-cycle engine can foul a plug. It may look good to you, but the engine may not like it.


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