moped army bbq7

just to let you all know that if you can, you should come down/up to kalamazoo for the 7th bi-annual moped army bbq this labor day weekend. details are on the home page of this site.

for those of you out-of-towners that have been there before, i hope you can come back again this year. it's always great to see the people we meet on the forum. i hope some new peopel can come.

this year will be better than ever. there will be two independent movies made by moped army members premiered publicly. of course, all the mopeds filling our vast parking lot. and the crazy cross-town moped rally race.

btw ... about the race ... team minarelli has vowed to sweep all the competition aside. and this time we are color coordinated. we have four suped-up blue minarelli mopeds (milani, bianchi, cimatti, amf) ready to uphold the winning team minarelli tradition. be prepared.

Re: moped army bbq7

did the peds get found?

Re: moped army bbq7

Man i wish i could come to that with my new ST-70/Trac contraptiion. I bet I would do pretty well in that race. We need to have a get togeather up here in MD sometime.

Have fun guys

Trac Man

Re: moped army bbq7

All but one of them - the Puch is still out.



Reeperette /

The past two BBQs in a row that I've made it to, my girlfriend has let me out of prior commitments in order to go, so I sorta owe her this one, and therefore cannot make it.

However, some time in November, I'll be stagin a housewarming (house-swarming, that is !) party exclusively for whatever of you local folks wanna show up....especially since my garage will fit 40 mopeds or more, heh.

Also gonna list my place as a semi-"official" moped army waystation, where anyone with a broken down 'ped can seek emergency repairs or temporary storage, or just stop in for coffee.

Lookin forward to pictures, and I hope y'all have fun!



OK as I've said before it's about a 1200 mile drive up to ya there.... I have 4 days of vacation If I take 2 days before, and 2 days after I could do it...... but I don't have a way of bringing my sachs. The idea of having the wheel sticking out of the trunk for the trip dosn't sound tooo good. It won't fit inside the car, even with the front wheel removed, unless I remove the passanger seat.

Plus, I don't have a hitch or trailer.

If I can do it, I will. THE SACHS WILL PLACE

Are out of towners allowed to race?

I am not sure if you would be allowed to enter the big race? Since you aren't a member. I may be wrong though. Simon?

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Oh no, I wouldnt' be able to race, but I'd help anyone with a sachs in any way I could.... not in any evil ways, not at all....

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

anyone is welcome to race, crisis.. dont be a jerk. :)

btw: i will be unable to attend this year for a couple reasons, one of which is i am riding to chicago with some guys from cincy and columbus for the slaughterhouse8 rally. i wish i could make it, but even if i wasnt going on the long ride.. i wouldnt have the van again this year, as my granny took it back a couple months ago and currently has it up for sale. oh well.. i had a rad time last year and hope you guys have fun this year, too...


Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

I wasn't being a dick....I just think I heard somewhere that you can't participate in the race if your not fuckhole! :)

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

I hear it's gonna be a nasty weekend.... Tell them what you are riding to Chicago Casey. :)

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Casey doesn't even own a car....I forgot about that.

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Naw - anyone can race as long as it's a moped.


Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

I've seen the flyers around for that, and noted that it was at the same time as the BBQ. I thought it was weird tha it costs money and has corporate sponsors - otherwise it looked cool.


Re: Ree

Goes without saying, but you're one heck of a character.

I just might push a broken ped into your garage someday. Be pleased to meet ya in person.


Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Miguel Centellas /

yes, anyone can enter the race. it's not just for members. non-members have raced before, and many have done well. the only requirement is that you have 50cc (so no speed kits) and not a scooter (it has to at least be a moped/mokick/noped).

btw, if you can bring your sachs, you definitely should. we have tons of tools/time/expertise to help you quickly get your bike back together (not that you probably couldn't do it yourself). and there are a few sachs around ... i've heard rummors of jake trying to start "team sachs". no match for team minarelli, of course, but you'd have some company.

there are a couple of puchs thave have a chance. simon tries to stand up for motobecane, and has a decent tradition. the cinci kids represent for vespa. but the minarelli mopeds have traditionally dominated.

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

You CAN race! I was wrong.

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

The cincy kids have everything from Vespa, Sachs, Motobecane, Honda, Garelli, Puch. We are all over the map. I guess that I won't be able to race this year, since I have a 70cc kit on my Grande... I am still going to ride in the race, but I won't try to win. I will just cruise along side sarah last year. I have no interest in winning. Now the monster drag race, on the other hand. I wouldn't mind winning that! I am not sure that my ped can do it though. I am going to give it a shot though...

Gee, err..Thanks ?

Reeperette /

Ya gotta remember why my hand goes out so fast to help sometimes, Wayne, before you go thinkin of me as a "nice guy" cause generally - I ain't, being antisocial and prettymuch hostile to non-moped folks, or people in general for that matter.

For much of my life whenever I was down and out, there just flat wasn't anybody willing to help, if I hadda breakdown, I hadda push my bike eight miles, cause I didn't dare lock it up anywhere overnight unless I sat and watched it all night, not if I wanted it to remain there.

If I caught a flat, it was all on me to fix it, and if I needed to put my 'ped somewhere for whatever reason, forget it - even now I am hearing bitching from the folks I've bribed to hang on to two non-functional 'peds I have, since I for damn sure cannot store them here.

Having been on the very bottom of life, about as low as one can go, and watching every single other person turn their back on you when you really coulda used a freakin hand, it changes someone, quite a bit in most cases - and while some say that creates self-reliance, they fail to mention that it also causes a universal and very bitter disdain for the rest of humanity that sticks with you like an emotional boat anchor.

Far better for someone to stick out their hand to help, and give a person a little hope that mankind isn't completely comprised of total dickheads, then leave someone in distress to their own devices, at least in how I see things.

And since I am at a point in my life where I can stick that hand out to help, to hold back just cause no one helped me when I was down, that's a pretty bitter cup to drink, and a really dumbass reason to be a jerk, not to mention plainly self-destructive.

Anyhow, it's not altruism as much as it is simple decency, something our sociopathic and immoral society has for the most part forgotten ever existed.

Being a homeowner with the garage space to spare, tools to loan, and skill to assist, to NOT offer based on mine own personal experiences, it would make me as bad as those who turned away when I needed them, and I don't think I could look at myself in a mirror if I did such a thing.

Remember, there's only one letter of difference between "Human"....

And "Humane."


Re: moped army bbq7

hope ya guys find it

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

I'm going to see what I can do-- I have the time I just need to ask for it off... probably Monday and Tuesday to get back - go all out on Sat and Sun to get there-- One night each way in some hotel, it shouldn't be too hard, plus, it is on a payday weekend. I'll figure it out by tommorow.

Plus, I remember reading somewhere that you did actually have to be a member at an army branch somewhere.

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Miguel Centellas /

oh, for the record, we will do what we can to put people up for a night or two. we no longer have "moped manor" or "mopedpichu" ... but i'm sure there's room for some out-of-towners somewhere. don't worry.

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Yeah, the race is still fun to ride in - even if you're not racing to win. I don't think I'm going to race to win this year myself; I can't get another insurance doesn't need that right now.


Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Simon King wrote:


> Naw - anyone can race as long as it's a moped.


> simon


Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Miguel Centellas /

you can't race a scooter in a moped race.

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Gah.... alot of the "big Names" can't make ... some of the other "big names" aren't racing to WIN?

sounds fishy.......

oh and I almost forgot

bows all Hail King REE..

damn bro you sound just like me.. I relate to almost every darn topic you post.. its kinda wierd.. your much more well spoken and written than I am..but its nice to know someone else is on the same page as me.

Re: Are out of towners allowed to race?

Miguel Centellas /

some people just run the course(s) and don't race to win. the reason is that the race happens mid-afternoon in city traffic. the winner usually circumvents a few laws (runnign red lights, wrong ways down one way streets, etc). people have gotten tickts, or even crashed (nothing really major ever, thank god).

so a lot of people just run the course, knowing they're probably not going to place, but wanting to at least do better than average (top 12-15 or so). in terms of the race ... the "big names" have traditionally been:

bill babbitt (puch)

simon (motobecane)

dan (minarelli)

dave brzezicki (minarelli)

miguel (minarelli)

caleb (minarelli)

xbrandonx (vespa/puch) -- from janus

tom (tomos) -- from blue shirt holiday

chad (puch)

other potential contenders this time around (and previously) are:

ana (minarelli)

sarah (sachs)

jake (sachs)

getting in the top 5 is a big deal. the race is a bit stacked against the out-of-towners, but we usually try to show people around the route before the race. and some out-of-towners have placed before (tom has taken third twice).

dave brzezicki has won the last two times in a row, upholding the winning team minarelli tradition. he's hoping for a three-peat.


there will also be a drag race later for bikes that have speed kits. that's just on a straightaway .... so any moped w/ more than 50cc has a good chance.

last year

last year?

: )

Any east-coasters want to meet up this weekend??

Im in central PA

Re: Any east-coasters want to meet up this weekend

Well, I've been thinking about it, 1200 miles is still a long way. 2 days on the road each way. Plus the boss-man is leaving and left me a pile'O work.


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