eBay Moped?

Hi, everyone:

I recently sold my gas-guzzling Jeep Cherokee and am extremely interested in purchasing a moped for getting around the city.

I am on a budget (i.e., less than $2,000) and I would like the moped to last for at least 3 years, but hopefully longer. I did some searching on eBay and found this:

"New 150cc Moped":http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NEW-150cc-Moped-Scooter-TRUNK-REMOTE-ALARM-STEREO_W0QQitemZ160255804140QQihZ006QQcategoryZ6722QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

What do some of you experts think about this? The price is perfect and the bike looks beautiful. Do you think it is reliable, or just an Internet piece of junk that will start to break down a couple weeks after I buy it? It does have a 2 year warranty, so that seems promising. Please let me know your thoughts. I can't afford a really nice Aprilla moped, like I want, but I don't want to settle for junk.

Thanks for your advice. I'm new to this, so I appreciate your consideration.


Kyle Lee

Chicago, IL

Re: eBay Moped?

Scooter ... Sans pedals. Sorry man.

Re: eBay Moped?

Not a moped.

Re: eBay Moped?

Mopeds are motor+peddles.

That is a scooter, with a displacement of more than 50cc (which means when you register it you will need a motorcycle license and will have to register it as a motorcycle).

Also, while most of us here don't have an outright problem with scooters, they're not our thing and a scooter forum would be much more informative. Good luck!

Re: eBay Moped?

Sorry, everybody! Like I said, I'm rather new at this. OK, so it's a scooter, NOT a moped. Got it. I will indeed post to a scooter forum, but if anyone still has any advice about the eBay item, I'd appreciate it. -Kyle

Re: eBay Moped?

Have you noticed that there is no brand name noted. That is because it is a Chinese P.O.S.

If you want a scooter look at one of the more popular brands, such as:




New, there should be a two year parts and labor warranty.

Re: eBay Moped?

That one looks sketchy. I don't see any brand name, so it's probably chinese.

The tiwanese make decent ones, most people I've seen on Kymco People scooters seem happy.


It looks like most of their 50cc ones are in your price range. They're good for around town, and i think you can get the bastards doing 40+ with minimal mods.

I really wouldn't trust anything out of china unless you can find a review on it. It's hard to find mechanics that will work on any of them, and new parts can be damn near impossible.

The 2year warrenty looks nice, but I dono what it covers..

Re: eBay Moped?

The scoot in the pick is a Roketa Catalina 150cc. I bought it off ebay four years ago. It took me three years of tearing down, modifying, and tweaking, to get it to where it's reliable. Even though the chinese scoots have gotten "better", If you're set on buying one, purchase it from a local, reputable dealer. At least you can physically kick someone's ass, when you find out what a piece of junk it is.

The Streetmates aren't as fast, but they're a blast to ride, and a zillion times more reliable.

Re: eBay Moped?

I would go for a well known brand like honda. They even have some new scooters that have big wheels unlike the tiny 10".

Re: eBay Moped?

Try to post photo again.



Re: eBay Moped?

For the last time.

Re: eBay Moped?

That scooter is a peice of junk. If you want to get something nice, get a tomos moped. New one. This is not my recomendation because I am a moped guy, this is my recomendation because I am a Moped and Scooter Guy, and I have a lot of experience in what holds value, and what works, and what breaks down. Get a new Tomos.

Re: eBay Moped?

Re: eBay Moped?

I thought this was a pretty good write-up.


As for scooter forums, I know of these:



If you're just using it to get around the city, you probably don't need a 150cc scooter. A lot of the newer 50cc models will do 35 or 40 with little or no modification, and I think that should be plenty fast for "in town" stuff. In most states, vehicles 50cc or less do not require a motorcycle endorsement on your license. In some states, no insurance is required, and in some states no registration, title, or plates are required. You should check your state's laws, but it's worth looking in to.

Re: eBay Moped?

if I were you, I would be looking here...


and talking here...


Those modern scoots have no charm. Most are scams. Get something cool, genuine, real... or a modern Tomos as suggested if going the moped route.

Re: eBay Moped?

I agree Honda/ Yamaha make excellent bikes.

Re: eBay Moped?

take your time, and find an old Yamaha on craigslist. 150cc scooters are kinda pointless in my opinion, unless you're planning on doing a lot of interstate highway riding. If you do want to take a scooter on the freeway, just buy a gun and play russian roulette instead.

Re: eBay Moped?

honda scooters are quiet, reliable, and i've seen them go for cheap recently. i have a friend who got a 2002 metropolitan for $400, and just saw a 2006 model on craigslist for $900. i think now would be the time to get one of those, while theyre still relatively cheap.

i personally would never ride a metro.....maybe if it had decent styling. too ugly for me.

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