My new get (chiggity ciaos)

My new gets two frames four wheels one and three quarters of an engine no side shields but screw it couldn't leave um in a barn


Re: My new get (chiggity ciaos)

You wanna sell one of those?

Re: My new get (chiggity ciaos)

I suppose but your far away and I'd rather keep um local if I can peace

Re: My new get (chiggity ciaos)

ANy idea how much it would cost to ship one?

I've recently had this crazy urge to make a really f'ing fast Ciao. My first moped was a ciao, and I love the thing, and then I got this Grande that I've made pretty quick, so I'm thinking Ciao with the same setup minus the extra 40 pounds = awesome. And brace bar.

Re: My new get (chiggity ciaos)

If you just want a frame or the three quarterd engine or what E-mail this cat

Re Better pic

this is a better pic


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