Garelli top tanks

I talked to a guy yesterday that has a garelli top tank of some sort. He doesn't know the model name or any thing, he just knows that its 50cc and "it has a gas tank like a motor cycle" lol. What could it be?

So far I've seen that it could be a monza...

or a supersport xl

Are those the only two top tank models? And do you guys have any pic of on hooked up?!

Re: Garelli top tanks

dude, dont ask questions just buy it, or give me his number and i'll buy it. either way, one of us is going to be buying it. garellis rule, either a monza gt or a ssxl. both of them are totally awesome bikes. i promise, you will be stoked with either.

Re: Garelli top tanks

it's a ssxl... i'd bet on it. because monza says "monza" on the side, so unless it's in really bad shape and has no decals left, he would have mentioned that when you asked what model it was.

That, and there's about a zillion times the number of SSXL's out there.

Re: Garelli top tanks

BUY IT!!!!!!!

Re: Garelli top tanks

I've got one of those coming in a couple days... a SSXL, I think. I'll post pics once I get it between my legs.

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