Mobylette headlight bulb?

So I just got me a 1970 motobecane mobylette (have changed it since this pic was taken by the previous owner with ape hangers and a super sick looking exhaust and it so now as a skid guard and a very nice seat that came with it in a box of very soon) and I need to know what brand & size would be a suitable replacement bulb? She had none in when I got her it so i have no point of reference.


Re: Mobylette headlight bulb?

If you have the original socket for the square headlight a #46 bulb should screw right in. I got them at an electronic supply store. I think any autoparts store should have them as well. The original light bulb is rated as 6V 6W. The #46 bulb is rated as 6v 3W, that was the closes I could find locally for mine.

Good luck


Re: Mobylette headlight bulb?

how well does it work for you?

Re: Mobylette headlight bulb?

works ok. The headlight is a bit dimmer, but I don't ride at night. I paid 49cents for a bulb, just try it out. It doesn't break your bank account

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