Mornin folks :)

Not too sure if intor threads are taboo here or not, but here goes:P

CartelKustoms is my tag, and ima noob here. Used to own a sweet little PA50 with 18" bars, hand fab'd exhaust and all the non-functional parts removed - until the 'ped got removed itself by some asshole while I was sleeping.

Now I'm looking at getting a Cimbatta City Bike (looks like a 78 according to the pics here) and I'm going to try chopping that one too. Any advice before I go dish out on it? It looks to be pretty clean, and I have seen it run.

Cheers :)

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i think you mean Cimatti (isn't cimbatta like a bread or something?)... seems like you already know what you're doing, so if it's clean and runs you're already well on your way.


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If its clean.. why change the mofo.. If it aint broke dont fix it.

hmmm better off buying a CHOPPER motorcycle.

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look for 'outrageous conduct' on the internet.. that's a chopped up cimatti citybike, built by one of the best in the biz, west coast Ben.

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Yeah, I meant Cimatti - damn I musta been drinkin...

I have seen pics of that 'ped in the gallery here - pretty sweet, but not exactly what I was thinking for mine. I dig the flat black, and that will be going on my bike, but I plan on building most of mine long and low.

1st order of business (after picking the damn thing up first :P) will be stripping off the front fender, and cutting the seat post part of the frame down as low as I can get it (about even with the top of the tank.) New seat will be going on it, might be something handmade, might be store bought, but it will definitely be low.

Next order of business is the frame stretch - I plan on using a torch to heat up and hand bend the frame so that the downtube lays about 10-15 deg. flatter, bringing the gooseneck down a couple/few inches, and the front tire out by about 6-8 inches or so. I'll have to bend it in two places to accomplish what I am after, but I think it'll be pretty sweet when it's done, and it won't require a different front end. But then...

Step three will be finding a springer front end that wil fit, or fabbing one up myself. Someone posted a pic of a 'ped with an HD springer obn it in another post here, and it looked not too bad on that bike...

Other mods I plan on are wider/larger back wheel, whitewalls (more likely that sort of retro-"cream" wall though) and red rims, ape-hanger bars and a sissy bar. Stock light will probably be taking a trip somewhere else too :D

This also means, I'll have a surplus of 1978 City Bike parts (it's a red one) if anyone wants em.

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I have a rigid frame maxi i've been thinking about doing a bobber-style bike with, these are the forks I had in mind.

a lot more proportionate than a Harley springer fork.

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Hey Brandon, have you seen Willie? Hope he's having fun. Don't mess up your gn, I love that bike. OK, the forks are cool.

Re: Mornin folks :)

Those are sweet :) I wonder if they are the right length for what I have in mind though - when I stretch the frame, it will put the front end in a different position and it will possibly need to be longer/shorter...

I'm definitely going to look at those closer though - thanks :D

Re: Mornin folks :)

Yeah, he came with us on our sunday ride. As far as I know, jeni rae has put him to work on her chicken ranch, gathering eggs or some shit.

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