good places for Passport parts?

i know they arent mopeds, but i'm about to help a friend buy one. are there good places online to get the leg shields? i've found sites but im just wondering if anybody has some experience buying from one that they could recommend.

Re: good places for Passport parts?

Ebay's got a ton of parts for those, but I expect the leg shields are like the leg shields for the Express SR: pretty much impossible to find. Good luck, though!

I think Bike Bandit might have them, but I recall them being pretty pricey.

Re: good places for Passport parts?

Some of the asian sellers on Ebay have them, I think they end up costing around $100 after shipping. I have one on one of my Passport, it fits pretty well. You have to make your own cutouts for the electric starter though.

Re: good places for Passport parts?

this place is pretty sweet for little honda parts!

Re: good places for Passport parts?

sorry they don't have leg shields, but my suggestion would be join the c70 yahoo group and see if there are people in your area who need new leg shields also.

since the shipping is what makes these parts for Indonesia so expensive, find out if you can get 2 or more and then split the shipping cost!

also they folks there will probably be able to give you more guidance on buying over seas

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