My new(ish) toy

I had a friend of mine weld up a new pipe (original header+ new biturbo expansion chamber= hotness).

So here is a pic of the old pipe and it's problems.


Re: My new(ish) toy

and here is my nice new purdy pipe


Re: My new(ish) toy

and of course the beautiful bike.


Re: My new(ish) toy

Looks great! how's it performing? may you be blessed with many long reliable rides

Re: My new(ish) toy

btw it went from 25mph to about 35mph. I lub my Kreidler.


Re: My new(ish) toy

It rides well, great get up and go, climbs like a mountain goat and goes foreva. However, I need to figure out it's idling problem so I don't need to goose it with as while stopped.

Re: My new(ish) toy

funny that you're from Ames, Iowa. I picked this up there about a year ago from some dude using it as a dirt bike. lol

Re: My new(ish) toy

slick bike I've got that pipe on a maxi and it works well

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