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Is there any way to distinguish between the crankshaft/connecting rod of a 505 1a/b/c and that of a 505 1/d without measuring it (i.e. any identifying marks that may be stamped on it, or visible characteristics that are specific to the "d" version)?

To any former sachs retailers or mechanics: Does the number "07005" ring any bells? It has been found on the inside of a NOS box with a sachs crankshaft.

If there is no good way to identify the crankshaft/connecting rod without measuring it, What is the best way to measure its stroke? Thanks!

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Just curious, but I ll bet the flywheel nut broke offat the shaft?? Seem stot be a common problem, as I am finding out myself

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Very Curious on this one. I juste recently h ad my "d" open, and I just checked the pics I took. THere is definatly a model number on the side of the rod, but I could not read it.


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No this isn't my problem. I'm trying to identify an NOS crank via a photo. I'm going for the extra 2cc displacement with the "d" crank.

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BryAn eurism /

Busted off threads? can't use an impact with that skinny 8m. The plus side out of the whole thing is there are way more wore-out tops that can't be replaced than there are cases.

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the con-rod's should be the same for D and A cranks. measure from the center of the big-end pin, to the edge of the crankshaft, then multiply that by two and add the diameter of the shaft, should get you the stroke.

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the 'A' and 'B' cranks are the same but is different from the 'C' and 'D' which are the same. the C and D have the same stroke but

the D gets more power from the bigger and smoother ports

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you can't ID it from a photo, you would have to measure it. I did notice that when I pressed the D crank apart to make the 504 D there was a small divot on the inside face of the crankshaft. Chances are if the guy won't measure it, he's not going to take a macro-photo to see if there is a divot on the inside of the crankshaft.

Daniel, if you want to educate the youth, quit being wrong.

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Oh ok Mike Bartel. I dont think ill ever really quit being wrong. That

includes me, you and everyone else on this planet. The trick is to learn from your mistakes and try to minimize them. Geez freaking Nazi. oh yea nice play on words

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