gimmyjimmy /


(see attach.)


Re: whatthehellisit?

looks like a spree that got in a wreck with a side car.

Maybe Osama's new recon vehicle?

Re: whatthehellisit?

Looks like a shell from a snow machine... just a guess.

Re: whatthehellisit?

Kevin Harrell /

It is a moped based SUV. The utility comes from being able to carry lots of stuff, or the wife and kids, on all the blue metal bars.

Re: whatthehellisit?

Wow .. that things pretty wild .. and pretty well done frankly.. it doesn't look like a hunk of junk.

That guy could be a paraplegic.

I think it would be cool if Simon had a spot for pics of 'weird' custom made scooters and peds (like that one) ... some of them are great .. they show a lot of creativity and mechanical expertise .. I love'em.

..... theres probably 10 or 20 that would qualify

I know hosting pics eats 'server space' though.

Re: I know! I know!


Military Intelligence today released this picture of a proto- type Al Queda landmine detector.

Field tests revealed the operator could not work the controls at the same time while holding his hands over his ears, and the project has been supposedly scrapped...


Re: whatthehellisit?

gimmyjimmy /

hahahaa...that's some funny ones fellas, but it does look like a sidecar turned into a "top"car though.

Re: whatthehellisit?

david f martin /

I agree with Fred... maybe a subcategory in the Photos section called "weird".

Fred, that Vespa with the cannon you posted a couple of weeks ago is now my screen saver. I love that pic! Where did you find it? I'd like to find some history on it...


Re: whatthehellisit?

I find that stuff by cruising other motorcycle websites.

I really think some of those 'weird' bikes .. are the coolest.

I do particularly like the very functional 3rd World country ones .. those machines are not 'jokes' or toys to those people .. they are serious pieces of transportation.. and even status symbols in some cases.

no history with the Vespa with the cannon .. I think it may even be a 'photoshop' fake.

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