what you missed

we have just had a sports moped meet in the uk

104 peds from all over the country

if you want to see pictures from the event plese feel free to pop along to


its my site its free and its totally ped freindly

and if the girls interest you from the picture


and a bonus page




Re: what you missed

sorry missed the having to put a url code please copy and paste to your address bar


it was a great event :) :)

Re: what you missed

looks like a lot of fun! some good looking top tanks there. where are all the step thru's?

Re: what you missed

Most if not all apear to be motorcycles. allways wanted a yamaha mini enduro from the 70's. what a nice group gathering..........

Re: what you missed

Absolutely awsome pics - You guys/gals always get the good stuff . How are parts availability ??? I Know about the Fizzy craze there but what about the other bikes ?? . BTW everyone should pick-up a copy of the book " Funky Mopeds" It explains the evolution of the moped fad and most importantly explains the coexistence of the bikes without pedals and how they came to be - politics . The bikes all shown are called sports mopeds - 50cc toptanks aimed at the 16yr old crowd who rather have a motorcycle during the 70's according to the book . The pedals were just to skirt the law and make them legal - it's all in the book . I didn't see an AR50 - or did I miss it and get distracted by the blondes ?? Cheers .

Re: what you missed

women are inferior /

Re: what you missed

women are inferior /

Re: what you missed

there were step throughs there the thing about sports mopeds were it was a loophole in the law between 1972 and 1977 you could have a completly unrestriced 50cc as long as it had pedals fitted so the motorcycle manufacturers just put pedals onto the bikes they already had.

thats why our sports moped look like bikes.


Re: what you missed

im in Florida in september if you want the book brought over ken if not then www.amazon.co.uk its for sale.

Re: what you missed

ah, i gotcha. i have an older friend who was saying something about mopeds in his day being small motorcycles that they just fitted pedals to in order for them to be legal. i keep meaning to buy that book.

what you missed

Great photos, I even spotted two peds in your pile of photos! The red one has a side car, looks like it can no longer be pedaled because of the side car mount.


Re: what you missed

it can be peddaled and carl rode this to france ( via the ferry ) earlier to the mangni cours french moped meet probably spelt it wrong.

im doing the french one next year the only thing is under our laws it cant carry passangers so he strapped a big teddy bear to it

if your intrested in the step through mopeds and older 50ccs

rather than the sports mopeds have a look at


its the web site of the NACC national Auto cycle and cyclemaster club.

both me and carl who owns the PC50 your talking about are members

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