Howdy everyone!

My name is Sara, currently residing on beautiful Lopez Island, Washington. Land of a million dreams – I am a novice at mechanics – but want to do this right. I am excited to finally have a reason to be on this web site!

I have recently acquired an attractive Motobecane 1976 type 50 v 30.. The body is in great shape - it is missing the chain guards and has some small amounts of rust. I have always wanted a small moped of some type and when this one came as an option I jumped! Please help educate me on some availability or the friendly faces of your community.

Today I took it to my very friendly and excited and highly recommended mechanic! Where he and I discussed what level of fixing to be done. I am looking for an owner’s manual - to cipher how to run and fix the charm. I am also looking for some parts of coarse. Carb, muffler, cables, and I had my eye on those chain guards. But the engine is most important.


Closest match to this bike - with chromed front fender , yellow, the logo in the middle of the body is different red and smaller - and not as shiny of an engine. Soon to be fixed!

Thank you for your help and time, I look forward to meeting the crew.


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welcome to the moped world. have fun and stay safe. hope you get your bike restored and looking and running awesome.


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Thank you! I will have photos up tomorrow of the shiney beast.

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Hello and welcome,

first off i hope you are friends with the mechanic. you cant really take a moped to just any mechanic or you will end up paying half of what the bike cost you for 2 hours worth of work. that reason alone is why almost all of us learn to do it ourselves. if hes your friend and is familiar with small 2 stroke engines you are very lucky though!

motobecanes are beautiful mopeds. they have more oomph than most other brands due to the variating engine (that means it moves, yes moves!). however, because of this the motor is more complicated and can lead to odd troubles.

does the bike currently run? you know to mix your gas and oil at 50:1 right? that is about 3.5 ounces to the gallon. dont use cheap lawnmower stuff try to get the good shit at a scooter store. If it doesnt run and you have some extra cash ditch that carb right now. the weakest point on the moby is the crap carb they came with stock. you can purchase a 15/15 SHA Dellorto carb from or you can even head to seattle mopeds and they might have it and more!

The good news is you dont need to worry about a transmission or transmission fluid. so as long as your piston isnt locked, and you have spark you will absolutely be able to get it to run with the new carb. it will have more power, run better and you wont have leak issues.

is your gas tank rusty? if not get a inline fuel filter anyway (it will save u lots of trouble down the road)

I was gonna write more but my second dinner is getting cold, anyway the point is we are here to help!

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oh yeah,

here's a manual for you.

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good job fella

nice to see honest advice

enjoy your ride Sara and hes right even in the uk we do most of our own repairs

the picture ive attached shows us crazy brits doing torch light repairs to tonys fs1e at our sports moped rally 2 weeks ago.

not sure nat should be let loose with a hammer but it wasnt my bike.

having help from like minded people like harold is one of the best parts of a lively forum.

keep up the good work


Re: Greetings

Harold - thanks for the speedy reply!

First off -

the mechinic is not a personal friend - but recommened through my employer and other island residents with (not restricting) 2 stroke engines. He was thrilled to see this bike and even told me he would store it inside his limited space shop. :)

My bike does not currently run - the left hand peddle needs a bolt, and is tough to turn. it did run last about 5 yrs ago - then abondoned

the tank does have rust and Kevin (the mechnic) mentioned the same filter - the bike has a small plate mounted on it explaining the feul ratio. I will take your advice on the quality

Thank you thank you thank you for the manual! I will stop in at the seattle store later this week when I am there to pick up my pops from the airport. since main land trips are rare.

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