Test firing the 70 cc kit tomorrow

well I put it all together with a different crank still a bushing crank so it should be interesting to see how long it takes to self destruct

bolted it all up with that 17mm amal carb got it to kick a couple times , this is a kit that was on the Kromag when I got it, but it was a basket job ,so I had to put it back together HEHE some jerk cut the pedals off it so I will have to push it up the street to get it going , Jay if you hear a loud noise in the morning its me LOL

Re: Test firing the 70 cc kit tomorrow

Why got through the trouble of kitting something if you do not do it properly?!

Re: Test firing the 70 cc kit tomorrow

ah dan just has the shit ive kitted it jitters. He does shit right.

Re: Test firing the 70 cc kit tomorrow

WELLLLLL , ya see everything was basically free so if she blows then nothing gained nothing lost , I put it together with all the right specs and double checked everything BUT its that crank bushing issue that has me concerned Moped jay says I should use a roller bearing crank and well I come from a time when cars had brass bushings on there connecting rods so I think differently Thanks for the vote of confidence Andrew If something goes wrong tell my wife I love her

Re: Test firing the 70 cc kit tomorrow

OH and as far as me doing shit right I have 5 puch mopeds I have rebuilt all of them ,3 of them are being ridden daily by friends of mine who I love and want to help with this gas situation all run like a charm so as far as me doing things right thats the only way I know how to do thinks ( except for beating flywheels off with a mallett that is ) but even there I went out and bought a puller from treats just so I could say i did

Re: Test firing the 70 cc kit tomorrow

you put the old rings back in or did ya get new ones

finny this isnt a new kitted project this bike is someone elses fuck up that i got from an old lady that got it from some idiot than i sold it to dan cause he didnt want me to part it out

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