back to school means no more long moped days...

i hate school even more because now i wont have those long summer days when all you could do is ride your moped.... :(

Re: back to school means no more long moped days..

yeah...its gonna suck. i cant even ride my ped to school yet....but next year ill be able 2.

Re: back to school means no more long moped days..

Dude.... these are the best days of your life. I'm glad I'm finally "old"--- I MADE IT!!!!

But, you've got a lot of free time and you're with all your friends. It's like on the last day of high school you either go on to college or just become an adult. In like 5 days (as soon as the parties stop) you realize you don't see any of the people you used to think were great friends....


That sucks. I didn't "grow up" until about 22.... got a decent job in a kitchen (full time, fri-sun 40 hours...ouch again) got busy with school

Then, my wife came along and whipped me into an actual "adult" which took about 4 or 5 years.... got my degree and a "real" job (cooking or data entry...both are crap, one pays better.)

Enjoy it while you can.

If you're as nutty as I am, you'll thank god when you hit 30.... MOST of the dumb stuff is behind me... but not all.....Gotta work on my temper.

I digress.... high school is a cake-walk. A gravy boat. A horn-o-plenty. Plus, can't you ride the moped every day, at lunch, in the morning and home in the afternoon?

I miss the "Long Days" part. light outside until 9:30 pm is great.

I took a long ride on the full moon the other night....was SO bright....almost like having a street light.....on very dark roads.

Enjoy school, enjoy your moped. Before long it'll be winter.

Cheers, and good luck with your studies. I go back to school in a few days as well.

Re: back to school means no more long moped days..

Why not??? age limit on vehicles and parking? Geez, that sucks.

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