Led Zepplin

with a bluegrass twist.


or just go buy it at circuit city for like $10. its pretty damned good, i've grown to love one of the bands on it by the name of Hayseed Dixie. i've always been fond of the sound of country bluegrass but never the songs themselves.

Re: Led Zepplin

bah, i thought that these would have lyrics, they do not, which is lame :(

well check out hayseed dixie anyways, war pigs on a banjo is great.

Re: Led Zepplin

Sullivan & Sullivan,llp /

Hayseed Dixie is great, check out their cover of Ace of Spades, if that don't get ya toe tappin nuthin will...

Re: Led Zepplin

i love the cover of 'you shook me all night long'

Re: Led Zepplin

women are inferior /

ill get all that on limewire. what about david davis and the warrior river boys?

Re: Led Zepplin

Hayseed Dixie rocks...well, not literally but I like their stuff. My local NPR station (WKSU) plays their stuff pretty regularly

Re: Led Zepplin

I've always been partial to The Gourds cover of Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice. Also, the Pickin on Modest Mouse bluegrass cover album.

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