Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

I'm in desperate need of help to get this running. It needs the carb rebuilt (so i think) and a new Spark plug wire(?) and i don't know the first thing about doing it. I'm in Michigan, downriver area. Of course I'm willing to pay for your time and parts. HELP ME PLEASE!!!


Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

carb cleans r pretty simple u should def just do it yourself. look on youtube for a tutorial and maybe online for how to do it. basically just find the carb. take it off. and take everything apart and clean everything. make sure u know where everything goes though. if u decide to do it yourself and need help just post another topic.

Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

Yeah, if its been sitting a while, clean the gas tank & carb, replace fuel line and then give it a shot. If it runs = Yay if not then check spark and if still nothing may want to consider replacing carb with a dellorto or selling it to me for $20.

Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

cleaning the carb is simple enuf, i just use an air compressor and make sure all holes let air through. if u don't have one idk what to do, except NEVER PUSH A HARD METAL THROUGH YOUR JET its made of soft metal and u might make your jet a bit bigger than it should be and u will mess up your bikes tuning, only a $ to 8$ mistake but a pain.

Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

should i use some a particular cleaning solution or is this a no-no? also is it easy to put a new spark plug wire in? i dont wanna mess anything up beyond repair. i'm not very "mechanicly inclined". its also hasn't been ridden in around 20 years.

Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

not to hard u screw on end onto the conderser (might be the wrong name for it) the other end u shove the spark plug boot on not to hard cleaning solution maybe carb cleaner ? just don't squirt it in your eyes

Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

Well If it hasn't been ridden in 20 years then I will only give you $10 to sell it to me JK. Get some good carb cleaner, they sell buckets of it that you can soak the carb parts in, I found that works really well. I would test the electricals before you really do much of anything. Take the spark plug out, put it in the boot and hold it by the boot so the threads are touching the outside of the cylinder. Watch the spark contact and crank the pedals, see if it sparks. If it does thats good news, if not may have a loose connection somewhere or thyristor unit may be shot (jawas are notorious for this) If it is shot, it may take a little while to find another, not sure where you could find them other than here or watching ebay. Anyways, good find on the supreme, wish I could find a top tank in this town.

Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

I got a hell of a deal. $100. I'm not upset i gotta put work in it at all but i'm so anxious just to get on and ride. Thanks for the help though. If you can think of anything else please dont hesitate to post. I'll start working on it tuesday and maybe i'll have better news.

Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

Take a look at Fred's Guide in the Resources section.

Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

kim jensen /

Start with Fred's guide.


I've been rebuilding an Allstate for over a year!

You won't get a ped that's been sitting for 20 years running overnite - just reality.

Give it time, learn about it, take it apart and clean, lube, inspect everything.

On Jawas, especially check the grounds and the wiring under the start/stop switch. Get the manual from Moped Riders (?)

Once you have put in the time and effort, the reward of riding will be even better - and safer!

good luck - swarm and destroy!


Re: Help with getting Jawa Supreme 3 Running

Dude, its a jawa. Just calmly walk away. It wont even notice

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