rally questions...

What's neccisary to ride in a rally?

Other than a ped of course...

Are nopeds and other ot bikes allowed to ride in rallys?

Registration needed, or risk of gettng pulled over and caught riding dirty?

Bc I want to get to brobq and I need to know if I can bring a second bike (honda ct70) for a friend to ride with me.

Neither my ped or that have papers at the moment either...

anything else I'm forgetting?

Re: rally questions...

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

As the Portland, "Hold My Beer" rally is going on as we speak, I would say, Yes your noped is invited. Although I only saw one noped out of about 150. I run with no papers. But there so many of us, it's best not to ride dirty, to keep from running into each other. It was a blast until it broke down, and lost everybody.

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