i need your advice people

i have a 75 ciao bone stock .... im debating wether i should fully restore/ modify it

or if i should just get a another moped ? and have two mopeds ? that are both stock ?

also teh nut that holds on the pulley fell off and i dont know what kind of nut it was because it isnt reverse threaded so when i put a regular nut on it it just falls off

Re: i need your advice people

Get another one. You can have one stock and modify all of the parts on the other one. Go crazy with sleeper mods!


Re: i need your advice people

that sounds good

i am thinking about putting that case that lets you make it a 90 cc engine but pricey

besides that kit carb exhaust variator new gears pulley

Re: i need your advice people

You can always get a kit later. You can never be sure about seeing another bike on CL or Ebay.

Re: i need your advice people

with a kit comes alot of maintenance so watch what u do.

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