Shipping hints/ideas?

Doug Van Cleve /

Hi there.

I am primarily a cyclist but think it would be cool to have moped, especially since they don't seem to require any licensing here in AZ. I don't seem to find any, at least interesting ones, for sale locally and a lot of eBay sellers won't ship. I am particularly interested in the Solex, which is basically a heavy duty bike with a motor on the front wheel. It doesn't seem like there would be much to shipping one, maybe box the bike part and motor separately. Any thoughts on the best way to possibly have one shipped, ideally for less than hundreds of dollars?

Thanks, Doug

Re: Shipping hints/ideas?

Oops, thought I looked... Thanks :^)

Any thoughts on places that might do it, say where a moped might be and I'm not? Motorcycle shippers seem like overkill, household movers doesn't seem like the best choice...


Re: Shipping hints/ideas?

Ben Van Zoest /

Wheels in seperate boxes UPS will take all.

Re: Shipping hints/ideas?

Pack the frame in a bicycle box, the motor in a separate box. I've had good luck with DHL.

Re: Shipping hints/ideas?

USHIP might be an idea if the seller doesn't want to box and send it. Often though you can wait and find someone who's willing to ship.

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